October 1, 1998

This year’s Trident United Way Campaign takes place throughout the month of October. Layton McCurdy, M.D., vice president for Medical Affairs and dean, College of Medicine, is chairman for this year’s campaign. MUSC’s goal is to raise $190,000.

The Trident United Way Campaign is one of only two in-house fund raising campaigns at MUSC. Through the Trident United Way, 43 health and human care agencies are provided support to serve our community.

At our September 29 communications meeting, representatives from United Way spoke to our management team and shared examples of the wonderful work of agencies supported by United Way. Their presentation is highlighted below.

Pamphlets and pledge cards are being distributed to employees at this time. If anyone needs additional pamphlets or pledge cards please call the MUSC Development Office at 792-1973. If any department director or manager wishes to have United Way representatives assist in presentations to employees please call the Trident United Way at 740-9000.

Thank you very much for your support.

W. Stuart Smith, Interim Vice President for Clinical Operations Interim CEO, MUSC Medical Center

The Power of U

  • The Trident United Way campaign is underway at MUSC and all around the Tri-county area. Don Elsey, Ph.D., clinical coordinator of the Lowcountry Children’s Center, Inc., gave an overview of the services offered by his agency which works with abused children. Lowcountry Children’s Center is one of 43 member agencies of the Trident United Way. Accompanying Elsey from the Trident United Way were Alicia White, Community Loan Executive, and Paula Lachica, Campaign Division Director.
  • Alicia White shared her personal story of how the Trident United Way helped her in a time of need twelve years ago. She explained that the Trident United Way has one of the lowest administrative costs in the nation with eighty-eight cents of every dollar going directly to health and human needs. All of the money donated to the Trident United Way remains here in the tri-county area.
  • MUSC has a new goal this year of getting 106 Leadership Givers. A Leadership Giver is one who gives $1000 or more (equals $20/week). As a Leadership Giver, you are qualified for membership in the Palmetto Society.
  • A Trident United Way representative is available to assist with presentations to employees upon request. The presentation includes a six minute videotape which shows examples of the United Way’s wonderful work in our community. If any manager, director, or other administrative official is interested in assistance with a departmental presentation contact the Trident United Way at 740-9000.

Strategic Plan Pilot Project

  • Joan Herbert, administrator, Institute of Psychiatry, reported on the administrative restructuring of the Institute of Psychiatry. One of the goals of the proposed Clinical Enterprise Strategic Plan is to develop a more integrated organizational structure that coordinates management processes and decision-making through operational and financial integration of the physicians and hospitals. A methodology for integrating the physicians and the hospital is service line management. There are two models being evaluated at MUSC, one in Pediatrics and the other in Psychiatry. The psychiatry service line has full financial and operational integration which allows centralized planning and resource allocation functions.
  • An Ad Hoc Administrative Advisory Group consisting of Hal Currey, James Ballenger, M.D., Stephen McLeod-Bryant, M.D., and Joan Herbert was formed in early 1997. The group’s charge was to recommend a structure and operating principles which would support the success of Psychiatry both now and in the future whether or not MUSC enters into a partnership agreement with another provider.
  • Based on their recommendations, the Institute of Psychiatry Managing Board was established. This Board consists of Layton McCurdy, M.D., vice president for Medical Affairs and dean, College of Medicine, W. Stuart Smith, interim vice president for Clinical Operations and CEO, Medical Center, and Marion Woodbury, CEO, University Medical Associates, and James Ballenger, M.D., chairman, Department of Psychiatry. The newly integrated clinical enterprise of Psychiatry will report to the IOP Managing Board. A more detailed plan is being developed and will be presented in the near future.

MUSC Options

  • Karyn Bowie, director, Managed Care, announced a new health plan option for state employees. This new plan, called MUSC Options, works similar to an HMO. MUSC Options is a two-year managed care pilot project through the State Budget and Control Board’s Office of Insurance Services.
  • MUSC Options offers a comprehensive health care coverage through a broad network of providers, including University Medical Associates, Carolina Family Care and other Charleston area physicians.
  • Under MUSC Options you may select a primary care physician from a large network of internists, family practitioners, OB/GYN’s and pediatricians. Like similar HMO plans, you would be responsible for a small copayment for doctor’s visits. Unlike HMO’s, however, you would be allowed to self-refer to a specialist for a slightly higher copayment. That is, you could be referred to a specialist by your primary care physician for the routine copayment. Or, if you want to see a specialist without going through your primary care physician, you have that option only at a slightly higher copayment.
  • Bowie also explained that through MUSC Options coverage includes:
    • coverage for preventative care, i.e., periodic physicals, pap smears, mammograms, well-baby care visits and standard childhood immunizations
    • prescription drug card
    • expanded mental health benefits
    • coverage for birth control pills q yearly eye exams and glasses every two years
  • The monthly rates are comparable to the different health plans available now to state employees.
      • The annual enrollment period is the month of October. Employees will soon receive annual enrollment information which will include detailed information about the MUSC Options plan and all other plans available.
      • A Benefits Fair will be held on Oct. 22 and 23 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. in room 107 of the Administration/Library Building. q Employees may contact the Medical Center Benefits Office at 792-0826 or University Benefits Office at 792-2607 for more information. Employees may visit the Benefits Office at any time during the month of October to make changes during the annual enrollment period.

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