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F&A announces Employees of the Month

The University’s Finance & Administration (F&A) division celebrated the November Employee of the Month,  Dec. 19, and the December Employee of the Month,  Jan. 16. The employees were selected by the Rewards & Recognition Committee (RRC) from a list of all eligible F&A Applause Award nominations.
Each month, F&A honors employees from the Engineering & Facilities, Finance, and Operations departments who were nominated for Applause awards for their commitment to excellent service.

Employees of the Month for November
  • Tina Chapman is congratulated by Joe Maggitti, left, and Patrick Wamsley.

  • Tina Chapman, Student Accounting (Finance). A summary of Chapman’s nomination reads: “Tina practices AIDET with every student and other customers of Student Accounting. She always has a smile on her face even when dealing with a difficult problem. Tina goes the extra mile to make sure all our customers feel like they are the most important customer that we have and that we can solve any problem that they have.” Her efforts have been an integral part of improvements taking place in Student Accounting. Some examples of her efforts include: improved customer service for Student Accounting; a better product being delivered to students; better working relations with various colleges; and the strengthened relationship of our staff.
  • Cheryl Brian displays her certificate that was presented to her by Joe Avant, left, and Stewart Mixon.

  • Cheryl Brian, Occupational Safety & Health (Operations). A summary of Brian's nomination reads: “Year after year, Cheryl has gone beyond her Occupational Safety & Health responsibilities to serve her fellow employees. Each year Cheryl volunteers her personal time to administer vaccines. This year, Cheryl provided hundreds of vaccines to MUSC/MUHA employees. In addition, she gave vaccines at the Mass Inoculation Disaster Tent, as well as visited several units at the Institute of Psychiatry and the main hospital to administer their flu vaccines.”
Employee of the Month for December
  • Andrew Nelson, center, receives his certificate from John Wilson, left, and John Malmrose.

  • Andrew Nelson, Building Engineering, Zone 4 (Engineering & Facilities). A summary of Nelson’s nomination reads: “Andy has sought out new approaches and different ways to achieve better customer satisfaction with improved financial results for his zone and for MUSC by investigating various cost-saving and cost-cutting measures.”
RRC did not select an Employee of the Month for the Operations or Engineering & Facilities divisions for November; nor did the RRC select an Employee of the Month for the Operations or Finance divisions for December.
The nominations received did not meet the Applause criteria and consequently were not considered in the Employee of the Month selection process. It should be noted that nominations received by the RRC that do not meet the Applause criteria, are normally turned into PEER Postcards and presented to the employee in lieu of an Applause.
The Applause Employee of the Month Program was created to recognize employees who go above and beyond normal job requirements and offer excellent service to the MUSC community. F&A sponsors the employee appreciation event, generally held on the third Wednesday of each month, to recognize Applause Award nominations and PEER Postcard milestones for service excellence.
The next F&A Employee of the Month event will be held Feb. 20.

2007 Employees of the Year announced

Every year, the University’s F&A Division Applause Program awards one Employee of the Year winner for each of its three areas (Engineering & Facilities, Finance, and Operations).
The winners are selected by the Rewards & Recognition Committee (RRC) from all Employee of the Month winners from the preceding calendar year. The RRC selected individuals for Employee of the Year who each who received an engraved Pillar statue and a $500 employee incentive award during the Jan. 16 Employee Appreciation Celebration.
The winners were Andrew Nelson, Cheryl Brian and Jennifer McCall Hutson, Grants and Contracts Accounting (Finance). These three employees’ best demonstrate the pillars of MUSC Excellence.
Nelson and Brian's edited nominations can be read in the above article. Hutson's nomination in part read: “Jennifer McCall Hutson volunteered to take on additional duties of a staff member that went out on extended leave. She took on responsibilities that were somewhat unfamiliar to her, and spent time learning the processes and procedures of these duties well enough to keep the department’s reporting functions moving. This resulted in extra hours of work. Jennifer’s extra efforts were much appreciated by her department.”

PEER Postcard Program
The PEER (Promoting Employee Excellence  Recognition) Postcard Program awards an Employee of the Year winner from all PEER nominations received from the preceding calendar year.
The postcard is a cumulative program. Once an employee reaches the maximum number of postcards per calendar year (12), the employee becomes eligible for the PEER of the Year Award.
RRC reviewed the postcard submissions for the year. There were 114 employees who received postcard nominations. Since the program was inaugurated mid-year, only one employee reached 12 postcards to be eligible for PEER of the Year. The winner received a certificate and a $300 employee incentive award, which was presented at the Employee Appreciation Celebration.
The PEER of the Year is Gloria Rivera, University Purchasing Services (Operations).
Rivera received 15 postcards in 2007. Below are excerpts of comments made about Rivera:
“Gloria provides outstanding customer service; unwavering support on special projects, ... helping an employee  transition from MUHA to MUSC  as pleasant, easy and welcoming; she assisted a co-worker who was out sick; helped in posting bids on the Web site; researched and provided the necessary documentation required for certification; helped with the reorganization of former employees office; assisted with departmental function, going the extra mile; quickly creating RQ’s for a special situation.”
This program was developed for F&A staff. If a division is interested in having its own program, the RRC can  assist in establishing a program. In addition, staff members outside of F&A can present PEER Postcards and submit Applause nominations for any F&A staff.

Friday, Jan. 25, 2008
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