A three-way agreement forged by MUSC Procurement, the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO), and two state contractors will add black ink to departments’ balance sheets and a green commitment to the environment. Success of these efforts will require full cooperation by all departments.
Through two initiatives, the MUSC Procurement Office and OCIO’s Computer Connection have managed to get printer and copier toner at significantly reduced prices and have arranged to ship empty toner cartridges for recycling as part of MUSC’s commitment to environmental stewardship.
The deal ensures that HP toner cartridges obtained from OfficeMax will cost up to 15 percent less than the already reduced state contract price. For example, an HP 4250/4350 Black toner cartridge that was $188 under state contract pricing is now $169.68 under this new arrangement with OfficeMax. Other HP toner prices have dropped even more, said Jo Wieters of the Computer Connection.
Dell also agreed to cut the cost of its laser jet toners. The popular Dell 1720 toner that previously sold for $90 now sells for $76.49 under the new deal.
“The reduced price is due to the sheer volume of our purchasing,” Wieters said.
Considering that the Computer Connection ordered more than $360,000 worth of toner last year alone, the additional savings could equate to about $50,000, she said.
Wieters urged everyone on campus to use OfficeMax when buying HP toner. Dell and other toner cartridges from other vendors should be ordered through the Computer Connection for best pricing. Departments that lease copier and printer equipment should consult their rental agreement as far as those toner replacements go, she said.
The price lists and purchasing information for both the HP and Dell toners are found on the Computer Connection Web site at http://www.musc.edu/infoservices/connection/print_toner.html.
The Computer Connection still works closely with Corporate Express for pricing on other vendors’ toners—such as Brother, Okidata, and Xerox.

Recycling it forward
In a second deal, Computer Connection agreed to ship all empty toner cartridges for recycling to Core Recycling Concepts (CRC), an Illinois-based certified laser toner cartridge recycler. CRC, working with OfficeMax, will track cartridge collections and provide detailed monthly reports on the number of cartridges MUSC recycles.
MUSC receives credits for its recycling efforts, and the monthly tallies help MUSC officials keep track of progress or the need to improve efforts.
The recycled cartridge supply program was arranged by OfficeMax and CRC, which see MUSC as a significant source of first-used toner cartridges.
It works this way:
1. MUSC buys the toner from Office Max or Dell at the discounted rate.
2. When they are depleted, the empty toner cartridges are collected at the Computer Connection’s facility at 25 Ehrhardt St.
3. They are then labeled and shipped to CRC.
4. Any manufacturer’s toner cartridges can be recycled through this process.
Any cartridge can be shipped for recycling, including those manufactured by Brother, Okidata, Xerox, HP, Dell, etc.
Light toner users can hand in their empty cartridges when the Computer Connection driver delivers new toner or drop off the empties when picking up a new order.
More frequent toner users can call the Computer Connection at 792-2323 or e-mail compconn@musc.edu to request a pickup of 10 or more empty cartridges.
For heavy toner users, Computer Connection can supply pre-labeled boxes that hold up to 12 cartridges. These boxes can be given to any UPS delivery driver during a routine delivery or pickup.
MUSC recycling will not get credit if OfficeMax drivers pick up empty cartridges, but the used toner will be recycled in the general population recycle box.
In addition, purchasing HP and Dell toners through this arrangement assures MUSC departments get the best pricing. The more MUSC purchases this way, the better the chance of future volume discounts. Volume purchases also can result in additional savings. For example, Dell does not charge Computer Connection shipping costs on toner.
Faced with probable short-term budget trimming, departments can improve their bottom line by taking full advantage of this deal that works out to the betterment of economy and ecology.
For information call Computer Connection at 792-2323 or e-mail compconn@musc.edu.  
For price list information, visit http://www.musc.edu/infoservices/connection/print_toner.html.