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MUSC Excellence at the College of Medicine/UMA

Organizational goals announced for 2009

by Belle Dubis
College of Medicine
The College of Medicine (COM) and University Medical Associates (UMA) are committed to excellence in all aspects of education, research and service missions.  
The foundation of this commitment is reflected by the organizational goals. The goals are listed under Five Pillars of Excellence as described by Quint Studer in Hardwiring Excellence: People, Service, Quality, Growth, and Finance. It is important that all faculty and staff of COM and UMA are aware of the goals and understand how each person needs to play a part in order to achieve them.

People Pillar: We make MUSC a great place to be—Improve COM/UMA employee satisfaction; improve faculty satisfaction; and  improve resident/ post doc satisfaction.  
For employee and faculty satisfaction, the goals are to improve the scores received last year on the survey tools. A collegewide resident and post doc satisfaction survey does not currently exist, therefore this goal definition is to design and distribute this survey so that baseline data can be established.

Service Pillar: Serve patients, families and each other with compassion, respect, dignity and pride—Improve inpatient satisfaction; improve outpatient satisfaction; and improve student satisfaction.
The patient satisfaction goals are to achieve the 80th percentile of our peers.  For medical student satisfaction, the goal is to meet or exceed the national average.

Quality Pillar: Achieve the highest standards of excellence in patient care, research and education through interdisciplinary programs with a diverse faculty and student body—Achieve mortality index; improve USMLE 1 & 2 exam pass rates (medical students); improve diversity; and increase National Instittues of Health (NIH) funding.
The quality goals include reaching the 75th percentile of Association of American Medical College (AAMC) peers, meeting or exceeding the national average passing rate by MUSC medical students, improving diversity (AAMC definition) among our faculty, staff, residents and students, and increasing NIH funding by 2 percent  more than last year.

Growth Pillar: Achieve national recognition for excellence in clinical, educational and research activities—Increase sponsored research expenditures and increase MUSC clinical service.
To meet these goals sponsored program expenditures must increase by at least 2 percent and increase clinical service activity by at least 8 percent.

Finance Pillar: Generate the resources needed to attract and keep excellent people, and optimize patient care—Increase COM/UMA operating margin
Although we are a non-profit enterprise, financial resources are required for stability, growth and quality. To achieve this goal we must have at least a 2 percent operating margin.
Employees with questions about these goals and what your role is in achieving them should talk with their supervisor.

Friday, Oct. 3, 2008
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