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MUSC Rumor Mill separates fact from fiction

Wellness Center
I’ve heard that you can use the Wellness Center during work hours and not clock out while using it during company time. Is this true?
Answer: This is not true.

Payroll Express line
Everytime I go to the Payroll Express line during my lunch and dinner, half of the people are paying with cash. Isn’t this a payroll/debit only line? If so, why are there cash-paying people holding up the line? Is there any way to fix this so those with payroll deductions can get through faster?
Answer: There is one line for payroll/debit only. All five of the other lines take cash as well as payroll/debit.

Sick calls
Recently I called out sick for a 12-hour day shift and after telling the hospital service coordinator that I was ill, she asked what was wrong with me. When did it become MUSC policy to write down exactly what is wrong with the employee or their family members?
Answer: This is not a rumor. This question should be addressed through normal organizational channels or contact Human Resources.

I have heard that MUSC has a Licensed Practical Nurse program starting. Is that true?
Answer: The College of Nursing has no plans to start a LPN program now or in the future.

Hagood parking lot
I heard a rumor that there are no plans to attempt to fix any of the potholes in Hagood parking lot.
Answer: This is not true. Repairs to the Hagood parking lot surface have been scheduled by the owner, the City of Charleston, and are planned to take place within the next two weeks.

Time clock tardiness
I heard a rumor that some departments (BioMed) make their employees take three days off without pay if they have more than four punches that are even just one minute past their specific punch time.
Answer: Punctual and regular attendance is an essential responsibility of each employee. Employees are expected to report promptly to their scheduled shift and be prepared to work. Tardiness is defined in HR policy No. 11,” as reporting to the work site later than the scheduled time for the shift to begin.” Tardiness is considered excessive on the fourth occurrence within a rolling six-month period beginning with the first occurrence. Employees who develop a tardiness problem may be counseled in accordance with HR policy No. 45, Disciplinary Action. Refer to HR policies, No. 11 Tardiness and No. 45 Disciplinary Action for details.

Pay increase
Is it true that if you are a new employee and start in January  you have to wait two years to receive your raise from your first yearly evaluation? That seems like providing no incentive for employees who work hard every day.
Answer: The medical center’s current performance pay plan has a provision for probationary employees employed on or before Oct. 31 to receive a performance pay increase based on a “meets” performance rating.

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Friday, Feb. 1, 2008
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