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Currents Feb. 19

To Medical Center Employees:
One of the key principles of MUSC Excellence is “Communicate At All Levels.” Department-based communication boards are used to help with our communication. Examples of other communication methods include routine staff meetings, The Catalyst and Currents, MUSC Excellence Web site and the Employee Perspectives Survey.
Our boards include the organizationwide pillar-based goals, organizational report card, standards of behavior, benefit of the month, department notices and other helpful information. We hope to take the usefulness of our department-based communication boards up another notch.   
Currently, posting department-specific goals is optional. We are strongly encouraging directors and managers to ensure department-specific goals are posted and clearly communicated. As the communication team conducts periodic audits of communication boards, we will ask that they provide leaders with any suggestions to improve the clarity of the department or unit-based goals.
All leaders are required to include their departmental or organizational unit goals in their on-line Leader Evaluation Manager (LEM) system. If not already being used, the LEM should equip leaders with specific information suitable for department or unit-based goals.
Plans are being made to purchase communication boards for Ashley River Tower (ART). We  will ask the Interior Design staff to provide advice in determining suitable locations for the boards. 
On another matter, 45-minute medical center town hall meetings are scheduled Feb. 25 to March 11. At this point, we expect to schedule two to three additional town hall meetings in ART shortly after March 11 and the expanded schedule will be announced soon.
Town hall topics, as time permits, will include:  goals update; discussion of best practices adopted by departments to achieve high patient satisfaction results; an update on plans to improve employee selection and retention methods; a brief summary of the current Leader Evaluation system and plans to adopt a pillar-based evaluation system for all employees; a backfill renovation plan for the university (main) hospital; and other topics.
Finally on Feb. 28, we will hold an employee event to celebrate the opening of ART. Through the hard work of many dedicated individuals we were able to open this incredible facility ahead of the original schedule. All employees are encouraged to take part in our celebration. Details concerning the event are included in this newsletter. 

Thank you very much.
W. Stuart Smith
Vice President for Clinical Operations
and Executive Director, MUSC Medical Center

People—Fostering employee pride and loyalty
Transplant Certification
Kim Phillips, Trans-plant Service line administrator, reviewed upcoming certifications  affecting the Transplant Center. Beginning in April, the United Network of Organ Sharing (UNOS) will conduct its on-site survey of the transplant-related process. Medicare (CMS) will also be conducting an unannounced survey sometime within the next two years. In order for transplant centers to be certified by Medicare, they must comply with regulations that were published in 2007. These regulations are mandatory for all transplant centers to remain certified by Medicare as a Transplant Program.
Like the Joint Commission hospital surveyors, Medicare survey teams will spend three to five days with each transplant program at MUSC and will be talking to staff and tracing patients that are receiving care at the time of survey. The transplant team is currently collaborating with the medical center’s Joint Commission coordinators Lois Kerr and Terri Ellis to prepare staff for the upcoming visit. Phillips thanked medical center staff for their time, cooperation and commitment during this survey period.

eCareNet update
Mark Daniels, OCIO-Patient Support Systems manager, gave a project update on the following:
  • Clinical Documentation Project (ClinDoc):  The project is  live in the Med-Surg unit within Ashley River Tower (ART)—3W, 4E, 5E, 6E and 6W and all adult Med-Surg units within the medical center—2JRU, 2MS, 6E, 6W, 7E, 7W, 8E, 8W and 10E. On March 17, plans are for the project to go live (limited capacity) within the ICUs—ART 3E x&y, 4W x&y, 8NSI, 6MIC, 4STN, T6MI (old CTICU).
  • Admin RX (Bedside Med Administration): A go-live was established in ART’s Med-Surg units— 3W, 4E, 5E, 6E and 6W. Plans are to incorporate a March activation of the system in 2JRU, main hospital. Approximately 100 C5 devices and Dinamap-based carts have been distributed. The team is working with McKesson regarding minor system issues.
  • Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) Project:  Currently scheduled for an April 15 go-live pilot in ART 3W. Teams are working with Pat Cawley, M.D., medical director, and the CPOE Steering Committee regarding this project. Originally, CPOE was designed to support cardiology and G.I. and plans are to work with the committee regarding the development of new order sets and where CPOE will be activated next.
  • eCareNet Viewer (OACIS): All core functionality, vitals, I&O and medication administration data can be viewed within the test system. Due to a vendor system software issue, the activation schedule has been revised for a mid-April activation. This system will serve as the foundation for managing all ICU views of assessment data.

  • 2Center Admit and Medical Surgical Unit, located in the former 2 CCV location, is conducting an open house throughout the week of Feb. 18-22. This unit houses 10 rapid turnaround admit beds and six general medical surgical beds to support patient care. Karen Wachsmuth, R.N., nurse manager of 10East, is also interim nurse manager of this unit.
  • The MUSC family is invited to attend the employee event celebrating the opening of Ashley River Tower, Thursday, Feb. 28. Employees can attend the facility blessing and breakfast, 7:30 to 9 a.m., and a drop-in reception, 3 to 5 p.m. A shuttle will operate from the Jonathan Lucas bus stop to the event.


Friday, Feb. 22, 2008
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