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Parking update

Parking plan unveiled, carpool an option

by Cindy Abole
Public Relations
August is recognized as a time when summer activities wind down and students begin to turn their attention back to the classroom, studying and other academic pursuits. At MUSC, student and employee commuters, particularly those who rely on the Hagood Park-and-Ride system, also may experience parking challenges around the 76-acre campus.
MUSC’s Office of Parking Management (OPM) has been busy collaborating with departments and community agencies to create solutions and provide some relief until the Bee Street Garage opens in late September.
Recent additions to MUSC’s medical center, specifically with the opening of Ashley River Tower in February, have placed increased demands on MUSC’s parking system. With the addition of new employees hired to work and support ART comes the added challenge of finding solutions to accommodate employees and returning students until the planned parking facility is ready for occupancy. 
“We’ve invested a lot of time finding additional parking solutions through planning, negotiating and communicating with different groups inside and outside the institution,” said Melinda Anderson, OPM director. “These solutions have been put into place to help resolve our immediate needs. We ask that everyone be patient and open to these changes during this temporary period.”
OPM is finalizing the assignment list for eligible employees who will park in the Bee Street Garage. Starting Aug. 11, parking management will begin offering assignments (in hire-date order) to employees who registered during the recent Bee Street Garage open-enrollment period. Registration information will be provided to those who accept an assignment, and be completed for most parkers in advance of the garage opening date.   
“We’ve developed several measures that will provide some relief and deals with the campus’ current parking situation until the Bee Street Garage opens,” Anderson said.
To help manage the parking overflow from commuters using the Hagood Parking system, MUSC has leased the 72-space VIP parking area owned by the city and located adjacent to Joe Riley Stadium. Parking in this lot area will be available beginning Aug. 22. Additional space for the park-and-ride system utilizes facilities leased elsewhere in the city and the Charleston Area Regional Transportation Authority (CARTA) parking to campus link.
Additionally, OPM and MUSC leadership have been diligent in finding solutions that not only improve parking and congestion on campus but that offer some relief to cost-conscious employees in today’s  challeng-ing economic climate. 
Management has established the MUSC Carpool Program for eligible employees interested in sharing rides to and from campus. A carpool consists of two or more university/MUHA employees. Groups that have formed may register with OPM and receive a carpool parking assignment. Employees seeking to find a carpool partner can visit
Once established, carpool participants may select a parking location in one of several employee parking locations. OPM will assign a specific parking space in the selected location for the carpool group.
Anyone who gives up a personal parking space in the MUSC system and participates in a carpool or rides CARTA will be able to regain his personal parking assignment if the carpool dissolves or if for some other reason he cannot continue to participate in the carpool or transit program.   
Starting July 1, MUSC employees and students were able to ride CARTA Express and its system routes for free (a $64-per-month value per person). CARTA Express’s park-and-ride system supports regular service between North Charleston, West Ashley, Mount Pleasant and James Island and downtown Charleston. CARTA riders, who give up their parking assignment, also are eligible to receive the 12-pass booklet. Since the MUSC-CARTA partnership began in 2005, CARTA transportation has been popular with many MUSC employees.
For more information, visit the OPM Webpage at

MUSC Carpool Program offered to university, MUHA employees

The Carpool Program encourages eligible MUSC employees to share a ride to and from campus.
Carpooling improves air quality and conserves energy; reduces traffic and relieves parking congestion; cuts vehicle wear and tear; reduces gasoline consumption, insurance and parking costs; provides an opportunity to make friends, reduce stress of commuting alone and enjoy preferred parking.

Carpool basics
A carpool group consists of two or more registered members. Registered members will be full-time university or Medical University Hospital Authority  employees.
Registered members must work compatible day-shift schedules on MUSC’s main campus and live along a reasonable commuting path.
Carpool rules
Participating carpool groups must register with OPM. Participants may register at any time of the year. A one-time registration fee applies.
A carpool group will be assigned one carpool permit and one access card to share. Carpool participants will re-register with OPM annually. Re-registration occurs between Aug. 1 and Sept. 30; renewed carpool permits must be displayed by Oct. 1.
Prospective participants may find their own carpool partners or may use the MUSC carpool matching service at
Carpool members may select a parking location in one of several employee parking lots or garages. OPM will assign a specific parking space in the selected location for the carpool group.
To support medical appointments and other personal needs of carpool participants, each participant will be issued authorization to park in the Hagood parking system. An employee who participates in a carpool and gives up his personal MUSC parking space will be issued an OPM parking coupon booklet containing 12-day passess, good for one year, for courtesy parking in a specified on-campus parking location.
Cancellation requirements/privileges
If an MUSC carpool dissolves, participants should notify OPM immediately and the carpool parking space will be relinquished.
Payroll deductions will not be stopped until the carpool parking permit and parking access card are returned to OPM.

Friday, Aug. 8, 2008
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