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MUSC Rumor Mill separates fact from fiction

7th floor Ashley River Tower (ART) move
I heard that the plan is to move 7th floor ART to Charleston Memorial Hospital when the 7th floor is converted to patient rooms. Is this true?
Answer: While presently used for offices, the 7th floor of ART has always been planned for patient care. The board of trustees has approved a phased project to plan, program and design the new patient floor on ART-7. That planning project will take several months to decide the specific clinical use of the new patient floor and the impact on the medical center. The offices on ART-7 will be relocated as recommended in the planning project, but that won't happen for several months. The planning and programming should be complete by the spring of 2010.

My unit managers are constantly begging for donations. First it was the American Heart Association Heartwalk, and now a school supply drive. Does MUSC have a policy on fundraisers or solicitation in the workplace?
Answer: Please see medical center policy concerning solicitation A-14 - Solicitation Sales, Displays and Exhibits ( The medical center does endorse certain fund raising that is in keeping with the mission and that serves MUSC's best interests financially. However, it’s understood there are many worthy causes and individuals should not be unduly pressured to donate, as this is a personal decision.

Do we have a new logo?
Answer: Yes, all MUSC logos have been revised to include a graphic representation of ART, which serves as a symbol of MUSC’s future. Ideally, every area of the university and clinical enterprise would be using the current logo with the graphic icon of ART. Due to cost control measures during the past year, the sheer size of the organization and the thousands of places the logo appears, a gradual, phased in approach has been taken as opposed to rapid mandatory adoption. A phased approach is not uncommon with logo changes in very large organizations. Many steps have been taken during the past year to inform employees about the logo changes and to facilitate access to the new logos and graphic standards governing their use. One of these initiatives is the MUSC Branding Web site located at The site, which exists outside of the firewall, making it accessible to employees and vendors alike, provides easy-to-download files of every approved logo in a variety of formats, including jpeg, eps, tiff, and png. The new logos were originally approved for use by the Office of the President and hospital leadership. Enforcement is the responsibility of each individual department, with the office of Business Development & Marketing Services facilitating access to the logos and providing guidance as needed.

I heard the cafeteria will not be serving plain wings again. Is there any truth to this? I hope not because I really love the plain wings.
Answer: The cafeteria will be offering plain wings again along with the flavored ones the next time they are on the menu.

Today I was called into work at noon. When I went to park in the Hagood lot, the lot was full. There was no place to park. Several other cars were looking for a place to park as well. Then when I went to the security box to ask where overflow parking was. I was told that I had to either wait for a bus to come and hopefully someone got off and I could get a spot, or I had to go and purchase a daily pass from parking management. People should not be made to pay to park if there is no other option. Last year I know that if the lot was full you were given a day pass. So why the change now?
Answer: Thank you for your concern. Additional staff will be available in the Hagood lot to help direct individuals to alternative parking locations when the lot reaches capacity.

2nd shift parking
I’ve heard that employees working second shift (3 to 11 p.m.) are required to park at Hagood. However, it is nearly impossible to get a spot there after 7 a.m., until 5 p.m. or later. Also, for people getting off at 11 p.m., it is rather unsafe to be waiting for a bus that late, and/or walking to and from. What are the alternatives to these situations?
Answer: Employees who work second shift may choose to park in a guaranteed parking location in either an off-campus or on-campus location as an alternative to parking in the Hagood lot. Interested employees should contact the Office of Parking Management for details. Call 792-3665, or stop by the parking office (91 President St., second floor). Any employee who has concerns about his/her safety is encouraged to contact Public Safety to request a security escort any time of the day or night. Public Safety specifically staffs both Hagood and Harborview garage to provide a high level of safety for MUSC employees. In addition, during shift changes, Public Safety’s schedule is specifically designed to put additional officers on the street during shift change times of the hospital.

7East closure
I am a clinical assistant on 7West and we always have had “lost” visitors looking for someone in the Children’s hospital. Now that 7East is closed, we cannot send them straight through. We must send them up an elevator across the eighth floor into Children’s Hospital to that elevator and down to 7 in Children’s. There has got to be a way that security or the front desk can direct them to the correct set of elevators. I know they go by security, because they are wearing visitor badges from the front desk. So why can’t security send them to the correct elevators? Or put a sign near the D and E elevators?
Answer: Thanks for this information.  The staff working the information and security desks will be re-briefed to ensure we direct visitors going to visit patients in Children’s Hospital, to utilize elevator F in the Children’s Hospital for visitation.

Where can I find out about construction going on around campus. I have heard that 7E will be a children’s floor. When is it going to open? And is it true that 7B and 7C will be renovated when that is done?
Answer: 7E will reopen as a pediatric unit, hopefully, by the end of the year. This will house medical/surgical patients now located on 7A. Other units will move within the Children’s Hospital and while maintenance will paint and patch areas as the units relocate, there are no plans to renovate 7B or 7C at this time.

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Friday, Oct. 9, 2009

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