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MUSC Rumor Mill separates fact from fiction

Coffee at Institute of Psychiatry?
What ever happened to the woman with the red coffee wagon that used to be outside the Institute of Psychiatry (IOP) building? There is no place convenient for IOP employees to get a cup of coffee in the morning. Going to the Starbucks is out of the way and if the weather is bad it’s completely impractical. Not to mention that the cafeteria in IOP is closed and will remain so for some time.
Answer: Until the IOP cafeteria reopens, there is no retail outlet available in that facility.  IOP staff members are encouraged to visit any one of the other retail locations on campus to purchase coffee.

Clinical Sciences Building restrooms
The restrooms on the eighth and ninth floor of the Clinical Sciences Building do not flush properly.
Answer: This has been reported to Physical Plant for investigation. If there continues to be a problem, report it immediately to 792-4119.

Request for time off
I heard that a nurse manager had approved time off for a staff member but then scheduled the nurse to work despite the signed request off approval. The nurse manager then stated since the nurse wasn’t taking PTO for the requested days, she was not required to grant the days off.
Answer: Approved PTO should be honored unless there is a significant natural or other unforeseen disaster which requires the hospital to make necessary changes to insure adequate numbers of hospital staff are on hand. Please encourage the employee to go to his/her manager to work this out. If it remains unresolved, encourage the employee to request an appointment with the manager’s supervisor.

Why do the contractors, house keeping and the people who work in the kitchen smoking on the dock and around the trash compactors?
Answer: This has been reported to the appropriate individuals. Thank you for your concern.

Ashley River Tower (ART)
I heard that due to low census and poor patient care that ART is closing. Any truth?
Answer: There is no truth to this rumor.

University Hospital cafeteria
Is it true that there is a sink hole in the middle of the cafeteria?
Answer: No. The cafeteria renovations have included several older areas of the medical center that have not been renovated in several years. The construction crew encountered floor areas built at different times that were not level with the rest of the serving area and also some that had deteriorated and called for replacement. When completed, the new cafeteria serving and seating areas will have new level flooring throughout.

Bike racks
Why are bikes allowed to stay on bike racks with flat tires, rusted chains, so on and so forth and have been there unmoved for extended periods of time?
Answer: The Department of Public Safety is responsible for checking the bike racks, and will remove bicycles that are left in the racks for extended periods of time. Contact the department at 792-2261 with the specific location of the bicycle in question, so it can be removed.

Parking stickers
A fellow employee told me they received a $45 parking ticket for having their MUSC parking decal in the wrong corner of their windshield. Why would parking management issue such a ticket?
Answer: There are approximately 8,000 parking spaces under decal management in the MUSC parking inventory and only a few parking enforcement officers in the Office of Parking Management to ensure cars are properly parked in the system. Given this large volume, the uniformity of decal placement is a necessity. That said, the fine for an improperly placed decal is $10. In this instance, it sounds as if the parking enforcement officer may have missed seeing the decal resulting in the $45 fine for unauthorized parking (no decal).
Pedestrian crossing
Now that the sidewalk on Jonathan Lucas is closed to employees who park at President  Street and Bee Street garages, we must cross the street at the intersection to reach the other sidewalk. Then, we cross the street again at the emergency room entrance to enter the University Hospital. Can another pedestrian crossing be placed where all these pedestrians are crossing?
Answer: The City of Charleston has jurisdiction and must approve any additional cross walks located in and around MUSC. This matter has been referred to the appropriate city official’s for review.

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Friday, Dec. 4, 2009

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