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MUSC Rumor Mill separates fact from fiction

House cleaning
Does house cleaning personnel get two meal breaks every day?
Answer: Each employee has a 30 minute break in the morning and a 30 minute lunch break. They were originally receiving a morning break and an afternoon break of 15 minutes, which was consolidated into one break of 30 minutes in the morning to assist with discharge cleaning in the afternoons. The span of the break time is from 9 to 10:30 a.m., depending on the employee’s schedule for that day. Each employee is required to sign in/out for breaks and lunch.

Pay adjustments for registered nurses
I have been employed as a registered nurse at MUSC for 12 years. With the recent market adjustment, my increase was 6 cents. Other employees who have been here for a lot less time received significant increases. What is MUSC doing to retain its experienced registered nurse population?
Answer: Recent adjustments were based on market data. In addition to the market increase, other benefits offered to registered nurses include, but are not limited to, tuition assistance, charge nurse differential, and certification bonus. Questions  should be directed to a manager or Lynn Campbell, Human Resources employment and compensation manager, at 792-1684.

HIPAA compliance
If a doctor or nurse talks to a family in a waiting area about the patient, is that breaking HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) rules?
Answer: HIPAA regulations do not forbid discussions of a patient’s condition in a waiting room. In these circumstances reasonable precautions should be taken and could include using lowered voices or talking apart from others when sharing protected health information. Anyone who is aware of a legitimate breach of a patient’s information should call 792-4037.

Travel nurses
I worked to get a 6 percent merit raise only to have it taken away  two weeks later, and the rumor is that there is a hospital service coordinator that’s a travel nurse. What’s up with that?
Answer: The entire organization has been focused on cost-cutting measures due to economic times. One focus has been to eliminate travelers. Since 2008, traveler staff has decreased from 234 to less than 20 individuals. MUSC has also converted more than 45 of these 234 travelers to permanent staff positions throughout MUSC. All managers and directors must have administrative approval for the extenuating circumstances that necessitate the short-term use of a traveler. The supervisor that is a traveler came to fill a need related to two supervisors having extended military leave and another supervisor on extended medical leave due to an automobile accident. This traveler will be leaving when her contract is completed.

Cafeteria request
Could the cafeteria start providing light mayonnaise?
Answer: The Dietary Department will look into the possibility of providing light mayonnaise. As soon as they have worked out the details with a vendor, it will be placed with the other condiments.

Parking garage elevator
I have been stuck in elevator #56 in the President Street garage three times in the last two weeks. While stuck on the elevator with seven others, I met people who have been stuck four times. Is there a reason for not placing an “out of order” sign on this elevator?
Answer: When maintenance becomes aware of an elevator-stuck incident, the elevator is placed out of service, and an out-of-order sign is placed on the elevator door on each floor until the elevator can be repaired. Once the elevator is operating correctly, it is placed back in service. Elevator #56 is presenting an increasing number of elevator-stuck problems. Maintenance is investigating, with the assistance of the certified elevator maintenance contractor, the need to upgrade elevator components to reliability.

College of Medicine tuition increase
I heard that the passage of the federal stimulus bill means that tuition increases for the College of Medicine are no longer required. Is this true? 
Answer: Details of how the education funds will be distributed between K-12 and higher education are not available. In any case, it is highly unlikely that the stimulus package will come close to offsetting MUSC’s drastic decline in state appropriations. Thus, tuition increases in all of MUSC’s colleges will need to be implemented.

Parking garage holiday schedule
Where can you find out which holidays the Ashley Avenue garage is opened to employees?
Answer: Campus parking locations are generally open for employee parking on major holidays. Holiday parking locations are posted at

Bee Street parking garage
Why are the gates at the Bee Street garage routinely open?
Answer: The gates controlling the entrance and exit lanes of the Bee Street garage are usually in the closed and operating mode. However, an entrance and exit lane are open in the evening to assist card holders who might have forgotten their access cards.

Parking Management
Is the standard procedure for the Office of Parking Management (OPM) to issue a ticket to everyone who has a parking lot sticker when parking in the garage?
Answer: Generally, when a parking enforcement officer sees a car with an employee decal parked in a visitor lot, unless it is an obvious repeat offender, warnings are issued prior to any ticket being written asking that the individual contact OPM. For information, call 792-3665.

Bee Street Garage
Is there any plan to fix all of the pot holes when exiting Bee Street garage?
Answer: Yes, there is a plan for improving Bee Street near the new Bee Street Garage. In fact, the road project will raze and rebuild Bee Street from Courtenay to Lockwood Drive. Visit

Third shift cafeteria selections
There is not much of a food selection for third shift employees. Are there any plans to expand the menu?
Answer: The sandwich and salad menu in A la Carte has been expanded to include more healthy options. Due to space and equipment restrictions, the staff is limited as to what can be prepared. All products are made fresh daily and rotated appropriately.

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Friday, March 13, 2009

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