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MUSC Rumor Mill separates fact from fiction

Elevator use by employees
Are there certain elevators that are designated for patient and visitors? I was told that ART was designed to allow visitors to ride elevators with out having to ride with patients and staff.
Answer: ART was designed with dedicated areas for patient care in the Patient Tower, for diagnostics in the Diagnostics and Treatment Tower (D&T), and for public gathering and support in the Conservatory. Elevator support is also designed in that same way with MUSC staff caring for patients using the patient and support elevators in the Patient Tower and D&T. The conservatory has five elevators which are primarily used for patients and visitors. Employees with equipment, carts or other large movable items are directed to use the employee support elevators in the patient tower and D&T.

Charleston markets
Why is it that the Charleston Market at Ashley River Tower is open on Saturdays and the one at Rutledge Tower is closed? 
Answer: Since the University Hospital has a Chick-fil-A, that is the venue that is open on Saturdays and offers the hot line on Sundays. Sales do not warrant both entities being open on the weekends.

What is the policy regarding staff evaluations?
Answer: The medical center’s HR policy #16 Performance Management outlines the process for completing employee evaluations. While it is not required for an employee to complete a self-evaluation in order to be eligible to receive a merit increase, it is a common practice throughout the organization.

College of Medicine admitting more out-of- state students
I heard that the College of Medicine elected to increase the number of out-of-state students in order to receive their higher tuition expenses, thereby softening the increase in tuition instate students will have to pay next year. I have heard that the goal was to get 30 out of state students in the class. I don’t know if you can give away this information, but I was just curious to hear how many out-of-state students had indicated that they plan to attend MUSC in the fall.
Answer: The College of Medicine has broadened its pool of students for acceptance in an effort to mitigate the extraordinary state budget cuts to the college. The precise number is not known at this time since final acceptance is not yet determined.

Talking in public
With the Charleston tea party and other events of a political nature going on around Charleston, what are the rules governing MUSC/MUH/UMA employees' right to speak out? Should they not say they work at MUSC? Should they not put political materials in their work space?
Answer: MUSC, MUHA and UMA employees are encouraged to participate on a personal basis in any community events that they deem appropriate. In doing so, they should make clear that they are participating as private citizens, not as representatives of the university or its affiliates. Also, employees should not use state property, including offices, supplies, and computers for political activities.

Subway at ART
Is it true that Subway or some food cafe is coming here or is this just wishful thinking?
Answer: The possibility of late night delivery to ART from A la Carte Pizza once a night is being explored.

ART Cafe
Why are the prices in the ART cafe so high? A small dish of cobbler is $2.50. If there was an employee discount, I know more people would buy their lunch there.
Answer: ART is serving a larger size bowl of the cobbler and the food cost of that item is very high. The $2.50 price is accurate given the portion size.

Where do we go to log complaints about the cafeteria? At 11 a.m., I bought a hotdog and fries. The fries were cold and the hotdog was soggy.
Answer: Complaints should be directed to Brad Masteller, manager of dietary services.

Maternity leave
Is it true that registered nurses  at MUSC do not get any paid maternity leave?
Answer: MUHA employees who are benefits-eligible may utilize their Supplemental Medical Leave (SML), Extended Sick Leave (ESL) and Paid Time Off (PTO) during maternity leave as indicated in Human Resources Policy #18, Paid Time Off.

ART food and Starbucks
Why is it that Starbucks at ART is closing at 5:30 p.m.? The main hospital has two food choices open for night shift while ART has none, except for the vending machines. Not having any options for food at night at ART does not promote a healthy lifestyle for employees.
Answer: The ART Starbucks is closing at 5:30 to reduce on going losses in that operation. Sales do not  cover the labor and food expense staying open until 7 p.m. The store is doing very poorly and will be forced to close if more customers do not support it during the day.

Bee Street garage
I have noticed while parking at the Bee Street garage that random people will walk into the garage and use the steps as their exercise routine. My concern is that these random people are getting into the garage that could have access to all of the cars parked there. Many times there is no one in the booth monitoring the entrances of the garage.
Answer: Public safety officers routinely patrol MUSC garages, including Bee Street garage. Since its opening, there have been no reports of break -ins or thefts reported in Bee Street garage.

More of a question than a rumor. Is it true that you receive a pay increase when you get certified in a department?
Answer: There are various incentives built into the career development program. Contact Lynn Campbell at 792-1684 for details.

IOP closing?
I heard that the Institute of Psychiatry (IOP) is closing due to financial problems and low census. Any truth to this?
Answer: MUSC's psychiatric outpatient services are being evaluated very closely. This review includes financial viability as well as significance of clinical linkages to other psychiatric services at MUSC.
Medical center mission statement 
This is not a rumor, but I was wondering where the mission statement was for the adult and children’s hospital and where it was located? I think it should be prominently displayed on the hospital intranet, and easy to locate for all employees.
Answer: Thank you for your suggestion. The mission statement has been placed on the MUHA intranet.

Independence Day
I have heard that the July 4th holiday is being celebrated on July 3. Those of us who work WOW weekends on July 4, the real holiday, will not be paid holiday pay. This doesn’t appear to make any sense can you clarify?
Answer: The medical center’s HR Policy #18, PTO states that the following: Section I. Holidays—(5) Holidays that fall on a Saturday will be observed on the preceding Friday; (6) holidays that fall on a Sunday will be observed on the following Monday; (7) holiday differential pay will be authorized for eligible hourly-paid employees who are required to work on the actual designated Medical University Hospital Authority holiday in accordance with Human Resources Compensation Policy 15. Holiday differential rates will be announced as a component of the compensation plan and apply to the 24-hour designated holiday(s) period.


Friday, June 5, 2009

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