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MUSC Rumor Mill separates fact from fiction

Educational leave
I heard some areas are paying educational leave staff continuing education course. I thought that was cut.
Answer: You are correct that based on the financial status, MUHA limited the amount of educational leave this past year. However, there are certain circumstances that were granted. For example, some positions require renewal certifications.

Food prices
Not a rumor, but could you provide a list of the “foods” which have been lowered in cost.
Answer: Prices were reduced on many breakfast items, grilled sandwiches, salads, cold sandwiches, selected entrees and combo meal deals.

Employee discounts
Why don't employees get a discount?
Answer: The revenue from  retail food service operations are used to offset the costs of clinical food services. Discounting against this retail source would cause a significant loss of revenue in support of patient care meal programs. For example, a discount of only 10 per-cent would cost the medical center more than $200,000 per year. Additionally, discounting for employees of the medical center would be unfair to all other patrons of the cafeteria such as visitors, university employees, and students. The Dietetic Department conducts “market basket surveys” with other hospitals and local retail outlets to ensure that MUSC prices are appropriate. As a result of this process, MUSC continues to offer prices in the cafeteria which represent a fair and good value for all its customers.

Clinical associate (CA) scrubs
I have heard talk about CA scrubs changing colors. Are there talks of changing them and if not, can it be discussed. Bright and cheerful colors would be nice.
Answer: There are no current discussions by the hospital administrators about changing the CA scrub color. The CA group held two different votes to select their color of choice. Both times the color black received the most votes. Printed tops can be worn with the black scrub bottoms to add color.

Harborview stairwell
Is there any chance a card access plate will be placed at the ground floor of the Harborview stairs? With everyone working to lose weight, this is a missed opportunity to improve fitness levels.
Answer: Your suggestion is a good one and was proposed in the past. Unfortunately, budgetary challenges have prevented card access of the stairwell doors from being implemented. It is on a list for future consideration.

Change in parking due to G lot closure
I know the Office of Parking Management (OPM) is working  to accommodate the parking needs to the upcoming closure of G lot. For those who pay to park at Rutledge Tower and come to work prior to 8:30 a.m., can after-hour parkers park starting at the upper levels to leave room for those who arrive early in the morning.
Answer: Based on past experience, OPM does not believe people who park in Rutledge Tower will experience any problems with parking availability once the after hours parking program is moved to Rutledge parking garage. However, the situation will be monitored and adjustments will be made should challenges arise.

Mess Hall
I heard that the Mess Hall (tent in courtyard) is in danger of being shut down due to cleanliness issues. Answer: The temporary cafeteria is in no danger of being shut down. All Department of Health and Environmental Control  requirements are in place and it is operating as an extension of the existing license and “A” rating. The extensive cafeteria and servery renovation project, primarily financed by Sodexo, will take approximately four months to complete. Given that duration, there was no other suitable location to use on campus.

The parking lot at Hagood has huge holes again. Can you do something about this?
Answer: OPM will contact the City of Charleston to request that the pot holes be filled as soon as possible.

Charge for utensils
When did the cafeteria start charging for plastic utensils? I purchased breakfast for myself and my coworkers, grabbed utensils for all and was charged .10 per utensil.
Answer: The cafeteria does not charge for utensils used to eat a meal. If you think you are being overcharged,  contact the cafeteria manager.

Safety issue
There are a number of plants and shrubs that block the view of traffic when exiting from Harborview Office Tower. These should be trimmed back to prevent an accident.
Answer: Thank you for your suggestion. It has been reported to Physical Plant for action.

Fit testing
Is it possible to get more fit testing (N95 respiratory protection device)  on weekends and nights at Ashley River Tower.
Answer: Contact Joe Avant ( to arrange for additional fit testing.

Daily cleaning of patient rooms
I am under the impression that patient rooms are to be cleaned daily. Occasionally the trash will be removed but floors are not mopped, and bathrooms are not cleaned unless staff calls housekeeping. I have had many patients tell me their room has not been cleaned for their entire stay here. Housekeeping does an excellent job cleaning rooms when patients leave.
Answer: Patient room cleaning is scheduled daily, and the critical care areas are serviced more frequently. The daily service is a 10 -step process that includes damp wiping of horizontal surfaces, bathrooms and mopping of floors. For information, call 792-4571.

One of MUSC's safety officers parked at a metered spot on President Street in front of the Institute of Psychiatry (IOP). Is this legal?
Answer: The midnight shift does park on the meters in front of IOP. They get off at 9 a.m. The meters are in effect from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m. They are not in violation of any statutes.

July Paid Time Off (PTO) cash-in
Has administration made any decisions concerning the July PTO cash-in for 2009?
Answer: There are no plans for the hospital to have PTO cash in until its overall cash position improves substantially.

Menus for cafeteria
The cafeteria outside does not always have menus on hand. I went on Wednesday to ask what was for lunch and no one could tell me. Could the menus be printed again and placed in the old position outside the renovated cafeteria as well as some place outside. This might be helpful to MUSC visitors too.
Answer: Thanks for your suggestion. It has been implemented.

Environmental Services
Why is it that Environmental Services never come through the units and sweep during the 7 p.m. and 7 a.m. shift in Ashley River Tower.
Answer: Environmental Services dust mop, autoscrub and autoburnish the patient hallways on the first shift. Also, the center ceramic hallways between the patient units are dust mopped and autoscrubbed on the second shift.

Smoke free campus
Why does MUSC spend so much money on places for people to smoke?
Answer: MUSC has been designated as a “smoke free” campus. However, there is no state or local law that allows MUSC to ban people from smoking out of doors.

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Friday, July 3, 2009

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