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Wellness Wednesday now at ART

Wellness Wednesday will be  held from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Sept. 2 in Ashley River Tower and 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Sept. 16 in the Children’s Hospital lobby. Presenters from five different areas will be at both Wellness Wednesdays. Take the quiz and enter a drawing for a prize (see quiz questions below). Free chair massages and blood pressure readings will be available.

Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Sylvia Rivers
Alcohol can have important cardiovascular benefits in the right “dose.” The guidelines for healthy drinking state that women should drink no more than one standard drink per day and men should have no more than two drinks per day (there are individuals who should not drink—pregnant women and individuals on certain medications).
But what’s a standard drink? If you drink alcohol, chances are you drink more than you think you do. In exhibits conducted by the Charleston Alcohol Research Center (ARC), it was determined that most people didn’t know what a standard drink was, and when asked to pour one, 3 out of 4 people overpoured. ARC will have its “Wheel of Pourtune” game to raise awareness on this issue and teach individuals how to get the benefits and avoid the risks of drinking.
Question: How many standard drinks are in a 750 ml bottle of wine?

Stroke Prevention Program Neurosciences, Elizabeth Grannell
Stroke is the leading cause of disability in America, and the No. 1 reason for nursing home admission. Stroke can impair or completely limit the  ability to talk, think, remember, walk, or even breathe.
Are you at risk for stroke? Add up these risks and talk with your doctor: Is your blood pressure above 120/80? Do you have diabetes? Do you have high cholesterol? Do you have atrial fibrillation (irregular or racing heart beat)? Do you smoke, eat unhealthy, or exercise infrequently? Are you overweight? Do you drink more than two alcoholic drinks a day? Do you have circulation problems?
Question: What is the leading cause of stroke?

MUSC Pilates Studio, Gina Smith and Jessica Becker
Want to stand taller, feel stronger, and lose inches? Then Pilates may be the exercise for you. Did you know there is a Pilates apparatus studio at MUSC? The Pilates Studio is located inside the Harper Student Wellness Center on Courtenay Drive. Instructors from the Pilates Studio will be demonstrating exercises and offering  for free 20-minute trial sessions in their studio.
Question (fill in the blanks): Pilates tones and strengthens the muscles without creating ____. It promotes proper posture and movement by focusing on alignment and strengthening the deep____, stabilizing muscles.

Human Performance Lab, Katie Blaylock
Can’t go to the gym? Don’t know how to get those 30 minutes of exercise into your busy schedule? Stop by to get tips from Katie Blaylock, personal trainer and coordinator of the Human Performance Lab at the MUSC Wellness Center. She will provide samples of exercises employees can do at work.
Question (fill in the blank): Your daily water intake in ounces should be about _______ your weight in pounds.

Center for Therapeutic Massage, Ashli Golden
Massage therapists from the Center for Therapeutic Massage will be giving free chair massages.
Question: Massage therapy can increase your ability to __________, and therefore improve efficiency at work!

Editor's note: The preceding column was brought to you on behalf of Health 1st. Striving to bring various topics and representing numerous employee wellness organizations and committees on campus, this weekly column seeks to provide MUSC, MUHA and UMA employees with current and helpful information concerning all aspects of health.


Friday, Aug. 28, 2009

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