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MUSC Rumor Mill separates fact from fiction

Firm ground
The new “On Firm Ground” initiative to reduce falls seems to be a great idea. But in light of the funding situation of the hospital, I was wondering how much money was spent on the blue and yellow wrist bands? Answer: Thank you for your endorsement of the “On Firm Ground” initiative. Each patient fall costs the hospital approximately $38,000, and the cost is no longer reimbursed by Medicare as it is considered “a condition that could have been reasonably prevented.” The wrist bands were purchased for $870 to increase awareness and infuse passion for preventing falls throughout the organization.

Wearing ID badges
Is the hospital fined by the Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) for employees not wearing their ID badges?
Answer: The S. C. Patient Safety Act requires clinical staff and other designated care providers to wear ID badges. DHEC enforces the Patient Safety Act. Violations are subject to penalties imposed by DHEC. Employees who recognize someone without an ID should let the  employee know or contact their supervisor or medical center security.

Bricks from the G lot
Is it true that the bricks from the old brick wall surrounding the G parking lot are being thrown away during the construction?
Answer: Thank you for your interest in the Drug Discovery and Bioengineering Buildings' Construction Project. The portion of the brick wall along President and Jonathan Lucas streets that was demolished is not historic, and the bricks are not historic. Arrangements were made to send the bricks to be recycled as a part of the construction contract. Demolition materials,  including concrete and metals, were also recycled.

Bus routes
Not a rumor, but a question. On Aug. 29 in the midst of a thunderstorm, I attempted to get to the shuttle that would take me from Family Medicine to Harborview. Three busses passed by me as I flagged them for a pickup. By the time the third bus drove by I was soaked and ended up walking to the parking garage. The streets were flooded of course, which ruined a brand new pair of shoes and a rayon dress. Will you please clarify the policy to stopping for employees? I know Family Medicine is not a scheduled stop, but a requested one.
Answer: You are correct, the Family Medicine bus stop is by request only. The bus drivers will be instructed to be more attentive to the Family Medicine stop.

Rutledge Tower smoking area
There is only one bench that seats two at the Rutledge Tower smoking area. Besides employees, there are many patients and families that use this area. Would it be possible to get more seating in that area?
Answer: Arrangements are being made to add an additional bench in that location.

Pediatric ICU parents
When a parent whose child is critically ill in one of our intensive care units wishes to stay the night rather than leave the building, where can they rest? 
Answer: At this time the Children’s Hospital does have the seventh floor waiting area available with recliners for families who would like to rest. The eighth floor waiting area is larger and is used to accommodate those needing to be close to the ICUs. The Ronald McDonald Family Room is available during the daytime hours. As 7East opens as a pediatric unit, it's a  possibility to open more waiting areas and collaborate with the Ronald McDonald House again.

Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) increase
I saw on the Rumor Mill that employees will be charged $25 more on the health insurance if we don’t send in a piece of paper stating that we are nonsmokers. I called BCBS and was told that MUSC HR was supposed to notify us. I checked my e-mail, my cubby and I received nothing in the mail and many of my coworkers know nothing about this. Why haven’t we been notified?
Answer: Yes, you are correct; all employees who are medically insured with one of the four state-sponsored health plans must certify that they have been tobacco free for the prior six months otherwise a $25 surcharge will be added to their health insurance premiums beginning Jan. 1. Since MUSC was notified in May, two announcements were in Currents, one article was featured in The Catalyst, a response was made to a similar Rumor Mill question, two e-mails were sent to all benefits eligible employees, and in early August, the Employee Insurance Program sent out a mailer to the home addresses of those individuals who hadn’t, at that time, responded. You may certify online by visiting and then clicking on “My Benefits” and following the instructions (you will need the number written on your medical insurance card) or by hard copy available at your HR office. The e-mail discussing this subject will be re-sent several times before year’s end. For information, call your HR office. Medical center employees should call 792-0820 and for the university call 792-9679.

Re-opening of the cafeteria
We were originally told that the renovation of the cafeteria would completed by September. Now I’m hearing it may be December. Is this true?
Answer: The initial projections for completion was September for the main cafeteria and December for the Subway Shop and Connie’s Pizza. The project start date was delayed due to design and other project issues. The main cafeteria is expected to be ready to serve visitors and employees by mid-November, and the Subway and pizza areas will be ready as planned by year end.

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Friday, Sept. 11, 2009

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