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Employee Service Awards, 2009

Annual Service Award Ceremony
2:30 p.m., Sept. 17
Room 100, Basic Science Building

40 Years
Russell A. Harley, Pathology & Lab Med.

30 Years
Ruthie Mae Asby, Engineering & Facilities; Chloe M. Backman, Risk Mgt; Ann M. Donaldson, Med     Mona T. Ellis; Coll of Dental Med; William J. Fisher, Development; Janis Moore Hicks, Coll of Health Professions; David W. Ivey, Coll of Dental Med; Lakshmi Devi Katikaneni, Peds; Doris Beth Kennedy, SC AHEC; Charles King, Engineering & Facilities; Denise Gail Ladson, Library; John Lazarchick, Pathology & Lab Med; Meredith Lyons-Crews, Psy & Behavioral Sciences; Linda D. Marsh, Pathology & Lab Med;
Mary Ellen McCullough, Engineering & Facilities; Brenda W. Parker, Neurosciences; James Arnold Rivers, Coll of Dental Med; Jerold M. Slesinger, Warehouse Ops; Emmie Elizabeth Steadman, Surgery; Joann F. Sullivan, Research Development.

20 Years
David J. Annibale, Peds; Cynthia Lynn Brown, Research & Spon Programs; Betty Bryant, Transportation; Srvs; Susan H. Carullo, HR Mgt; Melva L. Dobson,MUSC Foundation; Elizabeth A. Erkel, Coll of Nursing; Joyce Freeman, Med; Karen L. Harper, Research Development; Brenda J. Hoffman, Med; Linda G. Holliday, Med; Clint Infinger, Pathology & Lab Med; Ella Lousher Jenkins, Mail Srvs; Ann Marie Jones, Coll of Dental Med; Beverly Ksenzak, Med; Scott E. Laird, Family Med; Joanne Langdale, Coll of Nursing; Mary M. McCall, Coll of Health Professions; Jane B. McCullough, Med; Kathleen McKay, Controller’s Office; Stephen A. Mcleod-Bryant  Psy & Behavioral Sciences; Jacqueline L. Middleton, Research & Spon Programs;  Delores S. Mitchell, Controller’s Office; Ivan D. Molano, Med; James B. Murphy Jr., Engineering & Facilities; Edward D. Norcross, Surgery; James S. Norris, Basic Sciences, Micro & Immuno
Edwin J. O’Brien, Parking Mgt; Christine N. Papadea, Psy & Behavioral Sciences; Celeste Hunt Patrick, Peds; Heidi Resnick, Psy & Behavioral Sciences; Richard C. Robinson, Engineering & Facilities; Margaret H. Romano, Pathology & Lab Med; Roger D. Rowell, Engineering & Facilities; Naomi Sampson, Coll of Health Professions; Sandra C. Sane, Coll of Pharmacy; Michael G. Schmidt, Basic Sciences, Micro & Immuno; Suzanne M. Scott, Peds; Nancy P. Sifford, Risk Mgt; Dorothy A. Simmons, Public Safety;    Robert K. Stuart, Med; Mike W. Thomas, Warehouse Ops; Brenda Baldwin Toohey, Surgery; Rebecca C. Truesdell, Surgery; Michael E. Ullian, Med; Debbie S. Walters, Education & Student Srvs; Rhonda Dorthea Walters, Education & Student Srvs; Helen Weston, Engineering & Facilities; Barbara Ann Wiggins, Parking Mgt; Deborah C. Williamson, Coll of Nursing; Cornelia Williamson, Coll of Dental Med; Angela F. Ybarra, Graduate Medical Education; Michael R. Zile, Med.

10 Years
Herman Rogers Allen, Engineering & Facilities; Elaine Amella, Coll of Nursing; Andrew M. Atz, Peds;  Lorie Robertson Blakeley, Ophthalmology; Ted C. Blevins, Research & Spon Programs; Amy M. Boehm, Research & Spon Programs; Tonia Y. Brown, HR Mgt; Gwendolyn B. Brown, Coll of Dental Med;    Randall L. Brunson, Parking Mgt; Jerome K. Burik, Coll of Health Professions; Cathy K. Carroll, Grants & Contracts Accting; Monica J. Cayouette, Coll of Dental Med; Kenneth D. Chavin, Surgery; Guangmao Cheng, Med; Gayle Flathmann Cox,  Med; Joan E. Cunningham, Med; Charles Cutler, Lab Animal Resources; Jonathan C. Davidson, Mail Srvs; Caroline B. Davila, Engineering & Facilities; Terrence A. Day, Oto-Head & Neck Surgery; Maurizio Del Poeta, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology; Samuel Deveaux, Integrated Planning & Assessment; Leroy Dingle, Business Srvs; Lillian Edwards, Engineering & Facilities;
Leonard Ehianu Egede, Med; Carol B. Erickson, Surgery; Rose M. Fancy, Controller’s Office; Julie M. Fitzharris, Regenerative Med; Doris Fludd, Engineering & Facilities; Miriam L. Gibson, HR Mgt; Gwendolyn S. Green, Grants & Contracts Accting; Debra Elaine Green, Surgery; Karen Green, Coll of Dental Med; Candace D. Hall, Education & Student Srvs; Luanne F. Harley, Coll of Dental Med; Ralph D. Harrell, Engineering & Facilities; Rebecca L. Hasegawa, Peds; Bonnie T. Hawley,  Surgery; Anette Hebebrand-Verner, Coll of Nursing; Dena Hughes, Peds; Kayethe D. Infinger, Ophthalmology; Karen L. James, Anesthesia & Perioperative Med; Geraldine D. Jones, Parking Mgt; Donna H. Kern, Family Med;    Paula J. Keslar, Radiology; Sharon L. Kest, Peds; Susan E. King, Psy & Behavioral Sciences; Paul J. Kulbersh, Coll of Dental Med; Janice M. Lage, Pathology & Lab Med; Michael C. Laird, Grants & Contracts Accting; Gayenell S. Magwood, Coll of Nursing; Nicarlo R. Matutina, Surgery; Dianne D. McGarry, Development; Jacqueline F. McGinty, Neurosciences; Steven C. Mengler, Transportation Srvs; Maryann L. Milligan, Surgery; Holly C. Mitchell, Med; Michelle Yvette Mitchell, Engineering & Facilities;
Stephen E. Morse, Ophthalmology; Cynthia L. Murphy, Peds; Ziad H. Nahas, Psy & Behavioral Sciences; Karen Y. Nell, Coll of Dental Med; Peggy L. Nelson, Engineering & Facilities; Christerphine M. Newburn, Med; Joyce S. Nicholas, Med; Nikole Marie O’Quinn, Surgery; Cameron Burch Oswald, Med; Harry B. Parks, Orthopaedic Surgery; Jennifer L. Pearce, Integrated Planning & Assessment; Emily Elisabeth Pickelsimer, Med; Susan E. Presnell, Pathology & Lab Med; Tina M. Rapstine, Radiology; Frederick Edgar Reed Jr., Orthopaedic Surgery; Mary Reed, Engineering & Facilities; Diane R. Reeves, Coll of Pharmacy; Scott Reid,Biochemistry & Molecular Biology; Karen Richardson, Coll of Health Professions; Tyrone Sidney Rivers, Engineering & Facilities; Marteloa Rivers, Education & Student Srvs; John M. Roberts, Psy & Behavioral Sciences;Harriet Robinson, Transportation Srvs; Ann Thomas Ronayne, Graduate Medical Education; Lucius S. Rouse Jr., Controller’s Office; Anthony Gerard Scott, Psy & Behavioral Sciences; Katherine D. Secrest, Record Ctr; Lydia R. Shaheed, Engineering & Facilities; Girish S. Shirali, Peds; Kit N. Simpson, Coll of Health Professions; James C. Simuel, Risk Mgt; Daniel W. Smith, Psy & Behavioral Sciences; Thomas G. Smith, Education & Student Srvs; Gregory A. Stafford, Grants & Contracts Accting    Jose R. Stamp, Controller’s Office; David O. Sword, Coll of Health Professions; Carla Edwards Taylor, Radiation Oncology; Tina C. Teal, Psy & Behavioral Sciences; Kay H. Thomas,  Parking Mgt; Lora A. Thompson, Internal Audit; James H. Tolley, Med; Lourine Waiters, Grants & Contracts Accting; John S. Walton, Anesthesia & Perioperative Med; Carlyle E. Wanamaker Jr., Engineering & Facilities; Patricia M. Watson, Med; Cynthia A. Welsh, Pathology & Lab Med; Stacey L. Westbury, OB/GYN; Caroline Westwater, Coll of Dental Med; Joyce Williams, Controller’s Office; Harry C. Williams, Engineering & Facilities; Nancy E. Wilson, Parking Mgt; Holly P. Wise, Coll of Health Professions; Daynna J. Wolff, Pathology & Lab Med; Tamara E. Wolfman, Med; Ruijuan Xu, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology;   Kathryn M. Yucker, Public Safety; Debora K. Zerba, Engineering & Facilities; Jianguo Zhu, OB/GYN.

Medical Center
40 Years
Virgie Bryant-Green, Purchasing; Margaret G Gordon, Dietetic Srvs; Sheralyn E. Polite, Dietetic Srvs.

30 Years
Dorothy B. Aimar, Ambulatory OR; Ethel J. Amerson, Hospital Service Coordinators; Susan B. Barrett, Lab Svcs Education Program; Patricia A. Barrineau; Women’s Health Clin Ops; Diane S. Bessinger, Pre/Post Anesthesia; Shirley Bluford, Clinical Support Srvs Radiology; Kenneth Broderick, Supply Srvs; Carrie E. Brown, ART Endoscopy; Deloris E. Brown, Transitional Care Unit; Vera Brown, Venipuncture; James Butler, Meducare Shuttle Srvs; Karen E. Carnevale, Hollings Chemotherapy; Annette Clark, Linen Distribution; Brenda C. Coaxum, Hospital Payroll; Dept; Geraldine L. Drayton, Respiratory Therapy; Rhonda F. Flynn, ART DDC 6W; Ellen D. Frisch, OCIO Information Srvs; Richard H. Gadsden, OCIO Information Srvs; Spencer Graham, Biomedical Engineering; Ralph M. Greene, Hospital Finance Admin; Janet L. Griffin, Women’s Health Clin Ops; Carolyn L.  Harrison, Patient Admissions; Nora C. Hollingsworth, Clinical Support Srvs; Sydney L. Hyatt, ART Adult Heart Cath; Kay L. Johnson, Pediatric ICU; Gwendolyn A. Jones, Pharmacy Distribution Ctr; Sylvia M. Legare, General Adult Inpatient Program
Martha F. Lisicki, Pre/Post Anesthesia; Marietta S. Mack, Medical Records File Retrieval; Raymond Manigault, Clinical Srvs Admin; Deborah J.  Mazyck, ART Rad Clinical  Support; Judy McCombs Ancillary Support/Financial Review; Mary S. Merchant, Clinical Effectiveness; Deborah A. Oliver, Pediatric GI Clinic;  Precila G. Ravago, Fast Flow & Satellite Labs; Robert P. Raynor, CDAP Inpatient Program    Barbara A. Snyder, RT Dermatology; Lillian W. Squire, Environmental  Srvs; Nancy F. Tassin, Executive Medical Director Office; Berneta E. Thames, Reference & Specimen Referral; Sharon L. Vendrick, RT Neurology; Brenda R. Walker, OCIO Information Srvs; Mable T. Washington, ART Telemetry; Albertha C. Williams, Women’s Health Reg & Sch; Michael A. Williams, ART Safety & Security.

20 Years
Linda M. Abney, Residents Clinic Adult; Leslie A. Adams, Surgery Trauma ICU; Lorry Y. Anderson, West Ashley Radiology; Christopher S. Barrett, ART Central Energy Plant; Susan Beason, Clinical Effectiveness    Robin L. Bissinger, Neonatal Nurse Practitioners; Cynthia R. Blackman, Revenue Systems; Jacqueline Brabham, Hospital Payroll Dept; Sandra K. Briscoe, Pharmacy Repackaging Ctr; Ivan C. Brook, Purchasing; Deborah L. Brown, Patient Admissions; John W. Buice, ART Central Energy Plant; Ofelia M. Campos, ART Electrophysiology Lab; James L. Chapman, Support Srvs;  Erin J.  Charpia, Bus Dev & Mkt Svcs; Phyllis Chinnis, Main OR; Angela F. Chisolm, ART Endoscopy; Sueellen Coningsby, Medical Records File Retrieval Mary E. Crummer, ART 4E; Lisa B. Dale, Patient Admissions; Eileen Dulany, Diagnostic Microbiology; William L. Emery, General Adult Inpatient Program; Kathryn S. English, ART OR Lab; Jeanine Gage, Psychiatric Consultation Liaison; Tracey R. Gourdine, OCIO Information Srvs; Sandra A. Gregory, Adult Emergency Dept; Christine Hamolia, Behavioral Health West Ashley; Joan Herbert, MUSC Excellence; Jacqueline J.  Heyward, Patient Admissions; Theresa K. Koprowski, Neonatal ICU 8 CHE; Joan Macpherson, Neonatal ICU; Karin S. McAdory, Pediatric Same Day Cath; Karen M. McHugh, Youth Psych-Inpatient; Marian J.  Miller, Pediatric Respiratory Therapy; Paul Moss, Safety Security and Volunteer Svcs Christina D. Nelson, Pneumogram Monitor; Robin B. Ohlinger, Clinical Effectiveness;
George T. Pappas, Fast Flow & Satellite Labs; Karen L. Parish, MRI; Dudley R. Paulling, Biomedical Engineering; Teresa G. Pilkinton, Environmental  Srvs; Rosalyn B. Prioleau, Respiratory Therapy; Elaine M. Proctor, CDAP Inpatient Program; Lynn D. Sandahl, PACU; Charles A. Sander, Biomedical Engineering    Susan B. Santangelo, Physical Therapy; Leslie L. Smalls, Medical Records Coding & Incom; Jean H. Smith, Pediatric Respiratory Therapy; Linda B. Smith, ART Holding; Cynthia S. Snyder, Hospital Srvs Coordinator; Donald L. Steinert, Neonatal ICU; Kathleen Stewart, Volunteer Srvs; Lynn Sweatman, Pre/Post Anesthesia; Sheryl E. Tuttle, ART PACU; Bridget D. Wade, ART Adult Heart Cath; Marion H. Watson, Business Support Srvs; Phyllis E. Watson, Pediatric Respiratory Therapy; Karen L. Weaver,  Clinical Srvs Admin; Caren L. Weldon, Fast Flow & Satellite Labs; Doris Westbury, Transitional Care Unit;
Sara I. Wright, ART Electrophysiology Lab; Virginia Wright, Clinical Support Srvs.

10 Years
Karen Adams, ART Holding; Kristi  M. Adams, OCIO Information Srvs; Cathy M. Moxley, Univ Internal Med; Spencer O. Addison, Pediatrics Heart Cath Lab; Michelle S. Adelson, OCIO Information Srvs;    Juliana M. Akers, DDC Clinical; Jacquetta D. Ancrum, Support Srvs, Diane A. Andrews, Speech Pathology; Lewelyn Aranas, PERI Anesthesia; Bhupinder Aujla, Adult Inpatient Pharmacy Srvs; John E. Austin, West Ashley OT & PT Clinic; Tara D. Backman, RT Children’s Registration; Barbara J. Baltimore, Main OR; Audrey L. Baugh, Transfusion Med; Analina P. Bayag, NT Endoscopy    Toschua A. Bays,10W Orthopaedics; Geneva A. Beacham, RT Dematology; Frederick L. Bennett, RT Neurosurgery & Spine; Veronica R. Berry, ART OR; James W. Bessent, OCIO Information Srvs; Sarah M. Bishop, Social Work Program; Rebecca S. Bligen  Transitional Care Unit; Edna A. Borja, ART Cardica Care Unit; Donna K. Bouissey, Human Resources; Ted A. Bouthiller, Meducare Emergency Charleston; Theresa A. Bowen,    Main OR; Queenester Bowens, Pulmonary Function Testing Lab; Bonnie J. Boyce, Hollings Clinics; Linda M. Bredewater, ART Ambulatory Pharmacy; Michael R. Briggs, ART Biomedical Engineering; Deborah A. Brown, Hospital Patient Acctg; Deborah S. Brown, Family Med; Gwendolyn T. Brown, ART 4E; Sandra R. Buck, RT4 Children’s Specialty; Scott A. Burroughs, OCIO Information Srvs; John Butler,  Patient Transport Srvs; Janet L. Byrne, Medical Intensive Care Unit; Jennifer L. Cannon, ART Anesthesia; William E. Catlett, Nuclear Medicine - PET; Andrew L. Chickoree, Sleep Lab; Mary K. Colliton, Neonatal Nurse Practioners; Margaret Conway-Orgel  Neonatal Nurse Practitioners; Bryan C. Counts, Staff Patient Education IOP; Alfred R. Cox, OCIO Information Srvs; Scott Crego, Respiratory Therapy; Elaine Cromwell, Venipuncture; William H. Culbertson, OCIO Information Srvs; Roxanne D. Cuzzell, 10W Orthopaedics; Michelle D. Davis, Neonatal ICU; Evola Dawson, RT Med Surg Registration; Reginald K. Dean, Safety, Security & Volunteer Srvs; Emily Deguzman, 6E Renal Transplant Nephrology; Digna J. Delarosa, Main OR; David A. Dement, Plant General; Vanessa R. Dixon, Respiratory Therapy; Brent A. Driver, Pediatrics Heart Cath Lab; Lucile D. Eidson, Antepartum GYN Srvs; Tara J. Ellingham,  Cytogenetics; Suan L. Ellis, Hospital Patient Acctg; Paulett S. Felder, RT Transplant & Nephrology;
Tanisha L. Fielding, Main OR; Gregory D. Fisher, OCIO Information Srvs; Cynthia C. Fitzgerald, RT Pain Mgt; Marianne Fiutem, ART Anesthesia; Bonnie Foulois, Nursing IT; Daniel E. Furlong, OCIO Information Srvs; Julie A. Gadsden, Women’s Health Clinical Ops; Zeada R. Gadsden, ART Telemetry; Susan Gaillard, Main OR; Ronald Garrison, Respiratory Therapy; Susan Gibbs, Medical Intensive Care Unit; Carol P. Glen, Transfusion Med; Jennifer L. Gowder, Surgery Trauma ICU; Philip J. Grech, ART Inpatient Pharmacy    Robert P. Gregowicz, Autopsy Pathology; Karen K. Griph, Fast Flow & Satellite Labs; Tracey W. Guerry, Ambulatory OR; Michelle C. Hagar, OCIO Information Srvs; Nancy J. Hall, Labor & Delivery; Larry D. Harding, Diagnostic Microbiology; Kimberly A. Harris, ART 3W; Eric P. Hegedus, Medical Intensive Care Unit; Sharon Hilliard, Radiation Oncology; Randal G. Hinson, Nuclear Medicine - PET; Thomas W. Holley, OCIO Information Srvs; Corine Howard, Transitional Care Unit; Kayann S. Januchowski, OCIO Information Srvs; Nicole C. Jefferson, Business Dev & Mkt Srvs; Lois A. Jenkins, Family Med Sarah Jenkins, RT Urology; Rodger Johnson, Patient Admissions;Clancy F. Kalil, ART Cardiac Care Unit;
Teresa A. Kearns, Lab Outcome & Courier Srvs; Samuel B. King, OCIO Information Srvs; Lisa A. King, CHS Pharmacy; Ashley B. Klumb, Neonatal Nurse Practitioners; Cindy P. Kramer, Bone Marrow Transplant; Ruby Kun, Communications; Marie M. Ladson, RT Infectious Diseases; Sheryl Ladson, Hospital Patient Acctg; Brent A. Lawhon, ART Electrophysiology Lab; Mary K. Lester, Respiratory Therapy; Heather T. Levy, RT Sinus Ctr; Herbert C. Love Ancillary Support & Financial Revw; Eric Mack, Business Support Srvs Radiology; Ann R. Magwood, Neonatal ICU; Eugene Mah, Clinical Support Srvs Radiology;
Isaac J. Mazyck, Supply Srvs; Betsy W. McGuire, ART 5E Cardiac Acute Care; Ronald E. McKinnie, Safety & Security Volunteer Srvs; Kathryn B. McKinnon, ART OR; Lori A. McNamara, Neonatal ICU; Bambi L. Miller, Admin Srvs; Caroline B. Miller, Pediatric Cardiology Clinic; Teresa A. Miller, 9W Neurology Neurosurgery; Linda F. Mizell-Rogers, ART DDC 6E; Melanie B. Mones, RT Derm Oncology; Cynthia K. Monroe, ART OR; Susan J. Morgan, OCIO Information Srvs; Joan C. Mueller, Special Hem & Flow Cytometry; Tonnia A. Mullen, 8W Medical Surgery; Hattie Murray, ART Medical Records File; Penelope E. Murray, Adult Emergency Dept; V M. Nash, Hospital Fiscal Services Dept; Nancy A. Nessmith-KittenAnesthesia Ambulatory OR; Larry D. Neupert, Anesthesia; Donald D. Neuroth, RT Inpatient Pharmacy; Todd A. Nimmich, Hospital Fiscal Srvs Dept; Thomas J. Noble, Transfusion Med; Patrice R. Nock, Pediatric ICU; Michael D. Norris, Adult Emergency Dept; Vernon W. Oliver, Plant Maintenance; Kathryn L. Over, ART 5W Hematology Oncology; Jeni B. Palmer, Employee Assistance Program; Jean N. Parker, Radiology-Special Imaging Admin; Bonnie E. Payne, Adult Emergency Dept; Charles H. Pegram, Lab Outreach and Courier Srv; Nancy B. Phillips, ART Chest Pain Ctr; Diana L. Pifer, Ambulatory OR; Tamesah Polite, STAR - Ladson; Porter I. Kimberley, Investigational Drug Srvs; Claudia G. Powell,  Main OR; Erica L. Prioleau, Respiratory Therapy; Vicki B. Rayl, PACU; Archie L. Reid, Safety, Security & Volunteer Srvs; Wendy L. Rivera, Hospital Patient Acctg; Andrew T. Roche, Nursing IT; Charles J. Ross, Histopathology & Special Stains; Judith Roth, Ambulatory OR; Jacqueline M. Russell, 10W Orthopaedics; Shakia L. Russell, Medical Records File Retrieval; Dawn M. Salem, ART DDC 6W; Saqui I. Nelson, Plant Maintenance; Shawnece Scott, Main OR; Melissa K. Sharp, Hospital Patient Acctg; June J. Shi, Vascular Access Support; Cortez C. Simmons, OCIO Information Srvs; Marvin S. Smalls, Main OR; Randall K. Smalls, ART Safety & Security; Alyssa M. Smith, Hospital Payroll Dept; Maria R. Smith, Psychiatry Financial Srvs; Maude R. Smith, ART Endoscopy; Willette G. Smith, Business Dev & Mkt Srvs; Tamara S. Snipes, PCICU; Lori J. Solado, OCIO Information Srvs; Debra J. Soliday, Sleep Lab; Jennifer B. Sprott, Kidney Transplant Program; Debbie S. Stelling, James Island PTOT; Christine Stephens, Fast Flow & Satellite Labs; Kelli B. Stewart, Human Resources; David S. Strickland, Medical Intensive Care Unit; Brenda L. Swant, ART Interventional Radiology; Mary A. Thomas, Medical Records Coding & Incom; Conrad E. Vogt, Lab Outreach and Courier Srvs; Lisa L. Wade, Pediatric ICU; Ethel S. Waites, Patient Admissions; Marites M. Wallace, 8E Medical Acute Care; Sheree H. Waslaske, HLA Lab; Deborah A. Webb, RT Transplant & Nephrology; Jennifer W. Weinstein, Youth Psych - Inpatient; LarryWerstler, Physical Therapy; Dianne Wescott, Sterile Processing Dept; Nathaniel I. Whichard, OCIO Information Srvs; Darnella White, Pharmacy Svcs Dual Emp Acctg; Angelia J. Whitmire, RT ENT & Reconstructive Surg; Jo G. Wieters, OCIO Information Srvs; Margie H. Wiggins, RT Inpatient Pharmacy; Virginia Williams, Linen Distribution; Peggy A. Willis, Social Work Program; Sarah A. Winkle, Antepartum GYN Srvs; Jennifer I. Wood, Kidney Transplant Program; Betty J. Wright, 6E Renal Transplant Nephrology; Glenda M. Wynn, Molecular Pathhology; Linda K. Young, Pediatric Emergency Srvs; Douglas B. Zemp, Univ Hospital OR Pharmacy; Christina Zensen, ART DDC ICU; Martha L. Zwemer, ART Endoscopy.


Friday, Sept. 18, 2009

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