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Currents  May 18

To Medical Center Employees
At the May 18 medical center management communications meeting, Becca Weil, Bariatric Surgery Program Coordinator, announced that plans are underway to roll out Sensitivity Training on Weight Bias. This training is one of the requirements to maintain MUSC’s designation as a Bariatric Center of Excellence. All employees will need to complete this training by June 30 and everyone’s cooperation will be needed. The training will be delivered through two methods, including live training sessions and the online CATTS module which should take about fifteen minutes to complete. Additional details will be widely disseminated soon.
As previously communicated, the medical center’s Employee Partnership Survey was conducted April 12 through April 23. The survey firm, Press Ganey, reported that 71.9 percent of the medical center work force completed the survey. Our goal was to reach or exceed an organizationwide mean score of 72.5 or higher and we achieved a score of 72.6.
Plans are to present highlights of the Employee Partnership Survey, including strengths and opportunities, and other topics at medical center town hall meetings in June. The town hall schedule is included in this newsletter.
While we have received preliminary reports from Press Ganey, we will be getting more data by the end of this month. As in the past, managers will be asked to present specific department-based results in the months ahead and to involve everyone in developing action plans for continued improvement.
Finally, GetWellNetwork (GWN), Inc. honored hospitals at their recent users’ conference for achievements in interactive care initiatives that resulted in better patient outcomes and performance improvements. MUSC received the overall achievement award for advancing hospitalwide improvements in CARE Measure performance indicators in pneumonia vaccination by 28.6 percent and smoking cessation by 7.9 percent. We received the Financial Operations award for integrating retail pharmacy with the GWN tool to provide patients with the ability to fill their prescriptions (before discharge) from bedside. Congratulations to everyone involved.

Thank you very much.

W. Stuart Smith
Vice President for Clinical Operations and Executive Director, MUSC Medical Center

Town hall meetings
June 17, 2 p.m., ART Auditorium; June 18, 11 a.m., IOP Auditorium; June 21, 11 a.m., ART Auditorium; June 22, 2 p.m., Gazes Auditorium; June 23, 7:30 a.m., SEI Auditorium; June 24, 10 a.m. and 3 p.m., 2 West Amphitheater; June 25, 10 a.m., SEI Auditorium  and 2 p.m., 2 West Amphitheater; June 28, 11 a.m., Room 120 Hollings Cancer Center; June 29, 11 a.m. 2 West Amphitheater
Additional department-based sessions are scheduled but not listed above.

People—Fostering employee pride and loyalty
Employee of the Month—May
  • Karen Boinest, 5th Floor-Ashley River Tower house concierge, Volun-teer & Guest Services, was praised for her resourcefulness in securing donated table umbrellas from Lowes  of West Ashley for ART’s mezzanine patio area. (by Kelly Hedges)
  • Josephine Gillard, Rutledge Tower Environmental Services, was recognized for her helpfulness after helping a patient following a bathroom accident while visiting a 9th floor clinic. Gillard took the time to clean, assist and comfort the patient and provided temporary clothing. (by Lucy Singleton)
  • Sarah deBarros, Perinatal Services administration, was praised for her  leadership in the April 9 Purses for Preemies campaign and sale benefiting the S.C. Lowcountry Chapter of the March of Dimes. (by Debbie Browning)
  • Kelly Cavins, R.N., stroke and epilepsy program coordinator, Department of  Neurosciences, was applauded for her help with patients, physicians and employees. Cavins assisted with admissions, referrals and other inquiries. (by Jill Sadlier)
Bee Street, Courtenay Drive Road Closures
Dennis Frazier, Facilities and Capital Improvements administrator, presented details on the construction and road closure for the Bee Street and Courtenay Drive Improvement Project, which will be conducted in four phases during the next 10 months. Starting May 24, Bee Street will be closed in both directions between Courtenay Drive and Bravo Street. The project, which will improve roadway drainage and upgrades to this area, will temporarily affect traffic around the Bee Street parking garage main entrance. Access to the garage during this phase will be available via the rear entrance across from Bravo Street as indicated by detour signs. Road work may also occur along Courtenay Drive from Cannon Street to Ralph H. Johnson Drive. At no time will Courtenay Drive be blocked in either direction. Any temporary lane closures will occur between 8 p.m. and 9 a.m., on different weekday and weekend schedules.
For information, refer to the road closure story on page 15 of The Catalyst.

Patient Education Engagement Awards
Patrick Cawley, M.D., Medical University Hospital executive medical director, and Natalie Carr, of the GetWell Network, praised hospital employees for their continuing excellence in promoting patient education and engaging in patients care. Awards were presented in three categories:
  • Unit with the Most Completions (April) – 6East/Transplant
  • Individual with the most completions —Myrtle Edwards, R.N., 5W/Antepartum
  • Individual with biggest increase from previous month— Stacie Stone, R.N., 6E/Transplant
Carr recognized MUSC in two GetWell Network Inc. annual Interactive Patient Care Awards honored for patient care initiatives that resulted in better patient outcomes improvements
  • IPC Financial/Operations— Recognition for the effective use of retail and cross-referral applications combined with high quality processes, resulting in incremental volume and revenues in pharmacy services (more than $98K increase in ART pharmacy revenue)
  • Overall achievement award— Recognizing outstanding achievement and performance improvement in quality and service through patient care.
Sensitivity training on weight bias
Becca Weil, R.N., Bariatric Clinic Surgery Program  Coordinator (DDC), announced plans for a hospitalwide mandatory sensitivity training class on weight bias.
This training is required to help maintain the Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence status. The training program will be available online using a CATTS module and post-test. Live training sessions also will be offered. Completion date is June 30.

HR update
PTO update
  • PTO Cash-in/PTO Conversion will be available July 21
  • Eligible employees may cash in/convert up to 40 hours of accrued PTO provided a balance of 120 hours of PTO remains after cash-in
  • PTO Cash-in incentive is subject to appropriate taxes and deductions for lump sum pay—25 percent federal tax, 7.65 percent FICA and 7 percent state tax
  • PTO cash-in or conversion will be based on accrued balance as of July 3
  • Eligible employees must submit an online request form to payroll by July 15. Online request is available via My Record; Instructions are available via the medical center Intranet
  • Option for a December PTO Cash-in opportunity will be determined at a later date
  • In support of 2010 YES Campaign, MUHA will be affording eligible employees the opportunity to transfer PTO hours in support of the campaign; This request is separate and independent of any other pledges to the YES Campaign; Employees will be able to transfer the cash value of PTO hours, MUHA will write a check for the total cash value of the PTO hours transferred;
  • The transferred hours will not be considered gross income and concerned employees will not pay normal taxes on the value of the leave transferred
  • MUHA has been advised by tax counsel that PTO hours transferred cannot be claimed as a tax deductible gift
  • To be eligible, an employee must have a remaining balance of 120 PTO hours
  • Employees may request to transfer a minimum of eight hours maximum of 40 hours of accrued PTO
  • Online MUHA PTO transfer request is available via My Record. All requests must be submitted online and received by June 28.
  • Changes to HR Policy 16—Performance management; HR Policy 19 —Paid time off, donation/transfer; HR Policy 31—Affiliation agreement
  • Policy revised to incorporate new SuccessFactors process; section deleted referencing transition to new performance management process; definitions modified to reflect SuccessFactors terminology (i.e. supervisor vs. rater)
  • Section A. 2 – Determination of review dates: Employee performance is reviewed on a regular basis to coincide with the universal review period of July 1 to June 30; Reviews should be completed and discussed with employees by Aug. 31 unless there are extenuating circumstances; Employees hired between July 1 and March 31 will receive a rating for the current fiscal year review period ending June 30. Employees hired on/after April 1 will not be reviewed until June 30 of the following fiscal year.
  • Section D.2.b—Pillar goals: Employees who are promoted/transferred or reclassified to a leadership position in the first six months of the review cycle will be evaluated on leader pillar goals. If the change to a leadership position takes place during the second six months of the review cycle, the supervisor will determine whether the employee is to be evaluated on leader/staff pillar goals.
  • Policy title change—Paid time off (PTO) donation to Paid time off (PTO) donation/transfer
  • Policy (modification to include transfer option)—Specific instructions may also be issued in very limited situations to enable PTO transfers for campaigns that support organizationwide interests, such as MUSC YES campaign. MUHA’s ability to enable PTO transfer of this nature depends upon the organization’s cash on hand. PTO transfers of this kind will be subject to relevant tax regulations.
  • New policy—Established to outline procedures for any agency (i.e. schools) affiliation with MUHA for the purpose of placing students in rotations/internships.
  • Departmental returns checklist communication slip for separating employees
Department should provide exiting employees with the communication slip and encourage employees to complete exit interview.

Service—Serving the public with compassion, respect and excellence
Dan Altman, Support Services, introduced a Support Services Tele-phone Call Tree tool.
Users may access it via the MUHA intranet using the staff tool box scroll bar under “useful links.” Employees can scroll from a list of 19 support services areas to obtain contact phone numbers and categorized under general information, day, evening and night shifts.


  • Gayle Grieger, Hospital Patient Accounting, was named as interim position of government collection managers and chargemaster. Grieger, who also works as coordinator of revenue systems, has been at MUSC since May 2006.
  • The next meeting is June 1.

Friday, May 21, 2010

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