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Dr. John Raymond
‘Wisconsin's gain is our loss’

John R. Raymond, M.D., arrived on MUSC's campus in 1996 and has served as vice president for the Office of Academic Affairs and Provost since 2001. During this period, he has been a tireless advocate, clinician, scientist, educator, leader and friend. To honor him, MUSC and UMA announced the creation of the John R. Raymond Scholarship benefitting students. The MUSC Women Scholars Initiative also created separate mentor and fellowship awards in his name. As of July 1, Raymond will assume the office as president and CEO of the Medical College of Wisconsin, becoming the college's sixth president.

"John has provided life-changing opportunities for faculty, staff and students. His good works do not leave with him—his vision, caring, and generosity will continue to have a wonderful impact upon our lives for years to come." —Mary Mauldin, Ed.D., Associate Professor and Director, Center for Academic and Research Computing
"Dr. Raymond joined our program as the first Dialysis Clinics Inc Research Professor of Nephrology in 1995.  Little did we know the impact that his presence would have on our program and on each of us during the ensuing years he has been here with us.  He has been a “most valuable player” in our group for years and helped the program develop from the infantile state at the time of his arrival to the robust research and clinical enterprise it is today. It would take a long list to enumerate his many and direct contributions to Nephrology, to our faculty and to our many trainees during his time here. We could simply not have done it without him." —David W. Ploth, M.D., Department of Nephrology
"My lasting impression of John will be his steadfast integrity, his impeccable sense of fairness and equity, and his unwavering commitment to diversity for all. John never took the easy path...however, he always took the right path." —Jim Fisher, MUSC Office of Development
"We have Dr. Raymond to thank for the very existence of the MUSC Women Scholars Initiative. A number of years ago, he tapped senior women faculty at MUSC to launch a program that would advance the careers of women faculty. From that, our program has evolved to both enhance the professional development of women faculty at MUSC and provide direction to administrators on the status of women faculty at MUSC, with the long-term goal of advancing the careers of women faculty here. Throughout this evolution, Dr. Raymond has continually been our program’s stalwart supporter. With the creation of the MUSC Women Scholars Initiative, Dr. Raymond sought to put critical tools in the hands of women faculty – tools they could employ to create their own paths to success. Consistent with that idea and in gratitude for his efforts, we are establishing the John R. Raymond Fellowship to provide support for women faculty to build collaborations with high-level experts in their field. Specifically, we will provide an annual award to a woman faculty member at MUSC to assist with travel for a renowned expert who could be a potential collaborator in advancing the woman faculty member’s career goals. The renowned expert also will be given the John R. Raymond Mentor Award from the MUSC Women Scholars Initiative. The fellowship will be available to MUSC women faculty of any rank and for collaboration building across all aspects of the MUSC mission, including education, clinical care, or research. In addition, we will hold an annual John R. Raymond reception to honor the fellowship recipient, as well as to provide an opportunity for the recipient and other MUSC women faculty to network with one another. You can see that we have much to thank him for. The MUSC Women Scholars Initiative looks forward to providing Dr. Raymond with future updates of our successes and will deeply miss him.” —Ashli J. Sheidow, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, Family Services Research Center
"While we all know about the extraordinary contributions that John has made during his tenure at MUSC, his dedication to serving the veteran population at the local VAMC should also be remembered. Before becoming provost, he directed the research program for the local VA Medical Center, and he remained an avid supporter of the VA research community after assuming his position as provost. Despite his MUSC administrative roles, he remained committed to the Veterans, acting as both an active clinician and investigator at the Charleston VA." —M. Rita I. Young, Ph.D., Associate Chief of Staff for Research at the Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center and Professor of Otolaryngology and of Medicine, MUSC
"It has been my privilege to work with Dr. Raymond during his tenure at MUSC. I have never met a more dedicated, compassionate, and hard working individual. The Medical College of Wisconsin’s gain in our big loss. We all wish him continued success." —Joseph C. Good, Jr., MUSC General Counsel
"John Raymond has worked tirelessly to improve all of MUSC.  As chair of the College of Medicine Research Advisory Committee before becoming provost he labored as long and hard to help all the investigators in the College succeed.  As provost he has been a great partner in the efforts to enhance research not only in the College of Medicine, but the University and the State.  We are enormously grateful to him and will miss his friendship and leadership.” —Jerry Reves, M.D., College of Medicine dean
"Dr. Raymond is excellence personified. His dedication, ethics, compassion, and reasoned decision-making set the standard for faculty and administration here at MUSC. He leaves behind a rich legacy for us all." —Gail Stuart, Ph.D., R.N., College of Nursing dean
"Dr. John Raymond is a physician, a scholar and a gentleman of great integrity. The Department of Medicine will greatly miss his outstanding and indefatigable efforts in clinical medicine, scientific research, faculty and fellow mentoring, and his optimistic can-do approach!" —Jack Feussner, M.D., Chairman, Department of Medicine
"Dr. Raymond was an outstanding provost.  He moved the university to the highest level of achievement in its history. He was an outstanding administrator, scientist, clinician and educator. I will miss him dearly.  He was an outstanding individual to work for." —Perry V. Halushka, M.D., Ph.D., College of Graduate Studies dean
"I am very grateful to Dr. Raymond for two important visions he brought to MUSC.  First, he established the Women Scholars Initiative, a campus-wide organization dedicated to making MUSC a top choice for women faculty. Second, he established the Trustees’ Leadership Academy, which is a year-long program aimed at developing MUSC’s future leaders. Each of these programs have greatly enriched my experience as a junior faculty member at MUSC, and neither of them would have been possible without Dr. Raymond’s dedication, vision, and leadership. MUSC will continue to benefit from Dr. Raymond’s leadership for many years to come." —Lisa L. Cunningham, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Coordinator of Graduate Studies, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

"Dr. Raymond gave wonderful motivational speeches whenever he addressed our Women Scholars Initiative group. His words eventually became precocious quotes and personalized notes that he would send to us whenever we achieved something. We feel that Dr. Raymond is so close to us, watching what we are doing, and very proud of our achievements as soon as they would happen. His honesty, transparency and dedication made him a role model to us all." —Samar M. Hammad, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Regenerative Medicine and Cell Biology

"As a researcher and now as President of the Faculty Senate, it has always been a privilege to work with John. Throughout his tenure as Provost, he has been a tireless advocate for both the institution and its faculty, and his outstanding record speaks for itself.  His calm assurance and good humor in sometimes difficult times has been an exemplar to us all. He will be sorely missed, but we wish him well in his exciting new venture." —Christopher Davies, Ph.D., President, Faculty Senate
"Dr. Raymond was a pillar of this university, his leadership has helped MUSC grow into one of the nations great universities and hospitals. His dedication and commitment were second to none, but what we will miss most of all is his compassion and love for MUSC." —Tyler Pierce, President MUSC SGA, College of Medicine

"John and I worked in similar areas of research and were aware of each other’s work, but had never had the opportunity to meet in person until he came to MUSC. I remember John calling me sometime around the mid-1990s to inquire about an opportunity for him to move to MUSC. He asked for my personal and professional perspective about MUSC as an academic medical institution. I remember telling him that MUSC possessed pockets of excellence in its research programs and the university had committed to growth of its research programs. I also commented that there were lots of overlap in several areas that would interest him. I said that if he took the position, he’d have a chance to make a significant impact. Little did I realize what an understatement that was at the time given after all that he has achieved here at MUSC! Never have I seen a more effective voice for advocacy than in John Raymond—advocacy for the family, his colleagues, the community, the MUSC faculty, staff and students, plus the broader research ecosystem. Time will tell but one of his many lasting contributions to MUSC will be his leadership in establishing almost two-dozen Centers of Economic Excellence, all of which come with more than $2 to 5 million endowment from the state that will pay dividends for years to come. The Medical College of Wisconsin is very fortunate to recruit him as I am sure he will make even greater contributions there as the new president." —Stephen M. Lanier, Ph.D., Associate Provost for Research
"John Raymond is an exceptional individual. He is kind, thoughtful, fair, smart and tireless. He is a superb teacher and mentor. John embodies all that is good in academic medicine and science. He will be a great leader for the Medical College of Wisconsin, and MUSC will miss him very much." —Peggy Schachte
Office of Research Development director

"Dr. John Raymond is an outstanding mentor who promotes excellence in scientific research. He is a brilliant individual who is not only known for his success in mentoring young scientists but is also known for his unique ability to understand the important implications between research in basic science and clinical medicine." —Sonya Coaxum, Ph.D., Division of Nephrology

Dr. John Raymond participates in the Oct. 3, 2008, groundbreaking ceremony for the Drug Discovery Building. From left are Raymond, Drs. Andrew Kraft, Rick Schnellman, Ray Greenberg and Charles Thomas.

"The MUSC Trustees Leadership Academy is a yearlong program designed to provide formal leadership training for MUSC faculty and staff. Its purpose is to enrich skills and cultivate future leaders for MUSC by involving classroom training, a development of a project to enhance the university and an opportunity to participate in an external capstone leadership program. John Raymond provided leadership for program and funding. Together, John and leadership academy director Russ Nazzaro, led the program over a three-year span (2006-09). Since then, the program has graduated 62 fellows. During this time, John took a personal interest in the careers of all academy graduates. Even with his extremely busy schedule, one could tell John cared about each one of us. Together with Russ, they helped the fellows design their programs and mentored them on the choice of a capstone experience. Today, academy graduates are seen all across the university in many major initiatives, committees, C3 work, MUSC Excellence and 2010-2015 MUSC Strategic Plans. A number of graduates have accepted new positions of administrative responsibility and are now shaping the future of our university. John also served as a role model for us in the academy. His quiet demeanor, sincere compassion for others and strong and effective leadership skills showed us how it was done. He worked very hard, probably spending a little too many hours in the office, but his work has impacted all of us. We can count ourselves very lucky to have known and worked with such a great leader. We are very thankful for John’s leadership and development of the Trustees Leadership Academy and wish him the best in his exciting new position. He will be greatly missed by all of us." —Elizabeth Pilcher, DMD, MUSC Trustees Leadership Academy

"Dr. Raymond, my job could have been very difficult when I came to MUSC in April 2006, but because of your leadership and support my colleagues and me have been able to impact this campus in ways that I could have never imagined. I’ve worked on four different, distinct campuses around South Carolina throughout my 30-plus year career and I can honestly tell you that your support and commitment as provost has been absolutely admirable compared to all of the others. MUSC’s Office of Student Diversity has impacted thousands of students, faculty and staff through our National Coalition Building Institute work, MUSC Excellence and Creating Collaborative Care work. The Office of Student Diversity didn’t want you to leave without us telling you personally how much your leadership and support has meant. For your unwavering leadership and commitment to excellence, inclusion, equity and diversity, we wish you the very best and offer our love and support in your new journey." —Willette Burnham, Office of Student Diversity

"Throughout my time at MUSC, John has always been incredibly responsive and understanding of our Public Relations needs, and the transparency needed when dealing with the outside press. He has been a continual and vocal supporter of the work that we do to promote the university, and his accessibility and enthusiasm in helping us get the good word out has been so appreciated. We will miss his collaborative and supportive spirit and wish him the best in his new position as president." —Heather Woolwine, MUSC Office of Public Relations

"There’s a lot say about John Raymond. When my counterpart from the Wisconsin Medical College, where John soon will be president and CEO, called to ask me about him, I said ‘you’d find no finer person to work with throughout your career.’ That, too, is what John meant to us. He’s been there for both the foundation and university and we could always count on him. He came through for us every time we needed help.  Campus wide, it wasn’t unusual to find John always helping others. Truly and rarely can we, as an institution, recognize someone that y can’t be replaced. John is one of those individuals. Dr. Raymond, thank you for everything you’ve done for the foundation. You will be missed." —Chip Hood, Esq., Executive director, MUSC Foundation for Research Development

"John has been an incredible partner, both personally and professionally, at the Ralph H. Johnson VA Hospital over many years, starting well before his tenure as provost at MUSC. I discovered that John and I joined the VA as resident-fellows at almost the same time and year. We’ve shared that as well as an undying interest in nephrology and commitment to excellent clinical care. John provided outstanding leadership to our VA Medical Center. He served for many years as associate chief of staff for our Research and Development Service. Under his leadership, that program grew immensely and still has one of the highest levels of funding per investigator of any VAMC in the country. He was one of the primary individuals who organized our application for a REAP proposal which provided funding for our center of excellence that conjoined three different divisions within in the Dept. of Medicine to work on various different components of a single entity; glomerulonephritis. That REAP is alive and well today and has brought great resources to both the VA and MUSC in terms of research funding. More importantly, it has benefited both institutions in terms of its role in supporting training of our next generation of medical scientists. We really appreciate John’s commitment not only to research leadership, but also to our clinical mission. John and I actually share attending duties on a month-by-month basis. Despite his many commitments, he would be there to see patients.  Also, John’s commitment to teaching is incredible. He is one of the most superb teachers that I’ve had the experience to be around. His commitment to the teaching effort is really an amazing thing. His departure will be a great loss to the students at MUSC as well as the VA." —Flo Hutchison, M.D., Professor and Associate Dean for Veteran Affairs, Ralph Johnson VA Medical Center

"As I said to our deans and vice presidents recently, I’ve had the privilege to work with some amazing people, but  none of them really compares to John. He’s been an absolute, fantastic person to work with. We’re all sorry to see him go. It’s a huge loss for us at MUSC, but at the same time we all feel a sense of tremendous pride that he will soon be leading one of the great other medical institutions in the U.S. They could not have a better leader in John Raymond." Ray Greenberg, M.D., Ph.D., MUSC President

Friday, June 25, 2010

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