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                           University F&A
Employees recognized for commitment

Employees of the Quarter

Nehemiah Godfrey, Carpenter Shop (Engineering & Facilities)

Nehemiah Godfrey, left, is congratulated by John Malmrose, chief facility officer.

“Nehemiah went above and beyond his normal responsibilities in his efforts to correct a roof leak at the (Pink House), and in doing so, saved the university over $40,000. Responding to a routine leak service call, he found the cause to be the roof which was in non-patchable condition.  Through the building engineer, roof replacement was planned and requested as a capital project.  Roof replacement by a contractor was deferred more than a year due to lack of funding, so Nehemiah took it upon himself to take a hydrostop roofing class.  He obtained approval from his supervisor to proceed with application of the hydrostop roofing system. The total job ended up being under $12,000, compared to $55,000 planned for roof replacement as a capital project by a contractor.”
—Mark Brown, Director of Facilities Operations

Raynard James, Purchasing Services (Finance)
Raynard James, an employee of the quarter, was nominated by Sally Bridges, left.

“I work in the Systems and Procedures department which is located in the same office space as Purchasing Services. We are responsible for maintaining a training room where SmartStream and Access (Darkwing) training is conducted. Due to the economic situation, we are unable to replace broken computers as needed. We are constantly trying to find old computers or monitors around the office that can be used to replenish the training facility. Raynard works for Purchasing Services and his office is located next to the training room.  When he knows I am having a problem with one of the computers or monitors and need to switch or replace one, he is always ready and willing to help. He takes time to help me do whatever is necessary to keep the training room operating efficiently. With his help, we have been able to find replacement computers when needed. Raynard always goes the extra mile to help another department when possible.”
—Sally Bridges, Financial Systems Manager  

Rebecca “Becky” Bowman, Employee Health Services (Operations)
Cheryl Brian, left, Employee Health Services, recognized Becky Bowman for going above and beyond.

“Becky always works beyond her scope of practice. A recent example was an employee who had a skin test placed on a Friday. To be within the Department of Health and Environmental Control guidelines for a 48 to 72 hour read time, the only day the employee could return for a reading was on Monday. The employee was busy with meetings all day and could not leave to have his skin test read. Becky walked to campus to where the meeting was to read the skin test.  Secondly, a new university employee reported to EHS for his post-offer pre-employment physical on a Thursday. All processes were completed and she was about to place a TB skin test. She instructed him that his skin test would have to be read by a physician or nurse in 48 to 72 hours which was Saturday or Sunday. The employee stated he did not know anyone personally who could read the skin test. Becky suggested going to Doctor’s Care but the employee stated he was low on funds and had no insurance. Becky offered to meet him in Mount Pleasant to read his skin test. Thirdly, a new employee had faxed in all their immunization records and the only thing missing to start work was a current TB skin test. Becky offered to stop by the employee’s house on Monday after work to place her skin test so it could be read on Wednesday and the employee could start work. The fourth incident is another example of going that extra mile. Becky was on her way to Parking Management after 4 p.m. when Employee Health is closed. She recognized an employee walking her way who was a current physical plant employee that should have reported to EHS for a skin test reading that day. She read it, and then charted it the next day when she was at work. She has the knack for remembering faces and people’s names. One of her favorite activities at work is to go out of the office and administer TB skin tests at satellite facilities.
—Cheryl Brian, Manager, Employee Health Services

PEER Milestone Recipients
The PEER Postcard is an employee thank you card used to recognize Finance & Administration co-workers observed practicing standards of behaviors consistent with MUSC Excellence in the areas of service, finance, people, quality, and growth.
The following received the postcard for April, May and June: Coleste Amerson, Joe Avant, Barbara Bell,  David Blick,  Cheryl Brian, Sonya Brockington, Angie Brown, Tonia Brown, Diane Campbell, Hal Capers, Rudy Chapman, Christine Chase,  Laura Cohen, William Condon, Dee Crawford, Peggy Cunningham, Heather Dismuke, Kevin Drayton, John Fletcher, Jean-Eric Gedeon, Clifford Gibbs, Miriam Gibson,Nehemiah Godfrey, Kathleen Green, Stacey Haney, Donald Haulbrook, Ella Jenkins, Patti A. Kelly, Tessie Lee, Alec McGillivray, Gloria Mitchell, Linda Mitchell, Adren Phillips, Jacqueline Ramsey, Eunice Rivers, Lucius Rouse, John D. Smith Jr., Jasmine Singer, Anthony Whaley,Joyce Williams and KathleenWilliams.
For information on the programs, contact a representative from the Rewards & Recognition Committee at 792-0888, 792-7225 or 792-3065.

Appreciation Event
The winners of the Division of Finance & Administration’s Employee of the Year and the Cindy Garmon PEER of the Year will be announced at the Annual Finance & Administration Division Employee Celebration on Wednesday, Aug. 18.

Friday, Aug. 6, 2010

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