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Currents Dec. 20

To Medical Center Employees

At the Dec. 20 management communications meeting I gave an overview of the clinical enterprise strategic plan. Of significance, the process to develop this plan involved leadership from throughout the MUSC clinical enterprise including the College of Medicine, MUSC Physicians (formerly referred to as UMA), and MUHA. One of the foundations of our strategic plan is the three clinical enterprise entities must be closely aligned for decision-making as we move forward. The strategic intent set forth by the plan is to be among the top 25 academic medical centers for reputation, quality, service, efficiency and financial performance by 2015.

We engaged the Beckham Company, a highly regarded healthcare strategy company, to assist us with the planning process which began about six months ago. Numerous group sessions were held and personal interviews were conducted with nearly 100 key stakeholders throughout the clinical enterprise. The plan was presented to our Board of Trustees for approval at their recent meeting.

The plan translates the conceptual to seven driving strategies. The strategies include: align the clinical enterprise; expand brand awareness and market leadership; increase access and capacity; grow primary care and outpatient services; establish statewide partnerships or affiliations; build human and financial capital to fuel growth; and intensify investment in information and communication systems. These strategies involve 44 action-oriented tactics.

The clinical enterprise strategic plan will not be put on a shelf. It will be a "living plan" and fine tuned as we move forward. Current goals and initiatives such as the 5 and 5 cost reduction efforts, MUSC Excellence and the Magnet journey will serve to support the plan.

A steering team will provide oversight and a coordinating team will ensure sustained progress. Strategy leaders and tactical leaders will be accountable for implementation and reporting on progress. An update will be given at each board of trustees meeting.

As we move forward, the objectives of the strategic plan will be incorporated into our goals and performance evaluations. Strategic plan activities and results will be routinely communicated through management communications meetings, newsletters, town hall meetings and other forums. A website will soon be established so all employees can keep abreast of progress.

We have much to be excited about as we wrap up this calendar year and look to the future. In recent years MUSC has achieved numerous distinctions for our quality and compassionate care. We have a strong foundation to build upon as we work toward our vision to be recognized as a premier academic medical center.

Have a happy and safe holiday season.

W. Stuart Smith
Vice President for Clinical Operations
and Executive Director, MUSC Medical Center

People–Fostering employee pride and loyalty

Employee of the Month
Toni Mullins, Clinical Neurophysiology Services technologist, was recognized for her patient care and team support in Clinical Neurophysiology Services. She serves on the department's growth committee, manages bulletin board communications and other activities.

  • HR update
    Helena Bastian, MUHA HR director, presented the following:
  • PEER interview team members: Ensure that each member has attended training; and allow time for members to prepare for interviews.
  • Mango: Managers are asked to review and update Mango info as necessary.
  • HSL Conversations are due by the end of February.
  • Payroll reminders — ESL Maximum: cut-off date, Dec. 31, plus accrual ESL; PTO Maximum: The 2011 yearly cut-off date is the pay period ending date that includes the Dec. 31 workday; PTO Carryover: An employee having more than 360 PTO hours at the pay period ending Dec. 31, plus the accrual for that pay period will need to consider their excess of 360 PTO hours that will be deducted. The leave cut off will be reflected in the Jan. 11 pay date; ESL Carryover: Employees hired prior to July 1, 2000, maximum ESL carryover into 2012 is 1,440 hours; employees hired on or after July 1, 2000, maximum ESL carryover into 2012 is 720 hours
  • SML Eligibility and accrual method for January: Eligible employees must have 55 hours of accrued ESL by the last pay of the calendar year. For the purpose of this policy, the last pay period is the pay period which includes Dec. 31 which for 2011, the payroll ending date would be Dec. 31 (includes ESL accrual for payroll ending Dec. 31); Employees will automatically have up to 12 ESL hours transferred to SML, which will be reflected in the Jan. 11 pay date; SML balance may not exceed 24 hours (Employees with more than 24 hours balance as of Dec. 31 will not be eligible to transfer additional hours. Balances exceeding 24 hours will not be decreased or cut off).
  • Holiday meal ticket: Available to employees who work on an actual holiday receive a meal ticket. Beginning with the Christmas Day holiday, meal tickets will be valid for 30 days from the date of the holiday. Email

Finance – Providing the highest value to patients while ensuring financial stability
Steve Hargett, medical center controller, gave the financial report for the five month period ending Nov. 30 fiscal year (FY) 2012 and FY 2011.

The year to date net income through November was $8.8 million and cash is $37 million or 14.2 days cash on hand. The numbers were reduced compared to October's cash levels, $58.9 million and 22.4 days cash on hand. Costs on a volume-adjusted basis showed that costs were up by 1 percent compared to November 2010. All signs show an upward trend in building cash through increased volume and controlling costs using the hospital's 5 & 5 cost savings plan and other strategies. It's anticipated that December's projected profit will be positive and get the enterprise closer to budget.

Service – Serving the public with compassion, respect and excellence
Dave Neff, Ambulatory Care Services administrator, updated managers on the status of implementing the hospital's new Patient Transport Services program. Neff reported that since Patient Transport Services was activated Dec. 6, the program has provided more than 3,400 patient transports. Services are available at Rutledge Tower, HCC, University Hospital, the Children's Hospital and ART. Neff praised the work of Tyler Nance and Nancy Hendry, co-project directors, dispatchers and patient transporters, unit and clinical nursing staff and many hospital departments supporting this project. Neff indicated that he and project leaders will be evaluating the service throughout the coming weeks by soliciting suggestions and recommendations from staff and implementing improvements as needed.

MUSC Excellence website
Julie Floyd, Institutional Relations, reminded managers that a copy of all presentations conducted at the bi-monthly hospital communications meetings will be posted to the MUSC Excellence website via the MUHA intranet,

The next meetings are Jan. 10 and Jan. 24.




Friday, Dec. 23, 2011

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