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University Service Awards

Annual Service Award Ceremony and Reception, Sept. 20

40 Years

Dean Kilpatrick, Psych, Behavioral Sciences, and Christian Schwabe, Div of Basic Science

30 Years

Debra A. Allston, Laboratory Animal Resources; Clive D. Brock, Family Med; Paula C. Butler, College of Health Professions; Nancy Curry, Radiology; Daisy J. Dominick, Med; Barbara J. Edlund, College of Nursing; Timothy P. Fitzharris, Regenerative Med, Cell Biology; Leonie Gordon, Radiology; Clarence H. Hunter, Neurosciences; Sandra L. Morris, Div of Education, Student Life; Ernestine Newsome, Surgery; Nancy J. Saldutte, Peds; Jennifer M. Schulte, Div of Basic Sciences; Debra Lynn Sessoms, Peds; Richard M. Silver, Med; Richardean Singleton Parking Mgt; Kenneth W. Stanley Div of Education, Student Life; Barbara J. White College of Dental Med; and Maria Kathleen Wiley Med

20 years
Thomas G. Basler, Library Science, Informatics; Philip J. Blacklocke, College of Dental Med; Donna S. Bradham Orthopaedic Surgery; Kathleen Brady Psych, Behavioral Sciences; Thomas E. Brothers, Surgery; Edward Albert Coakley, Engineering, Facilities; Judy R. Dubno, Otolaryngology–Head, Neck Surgery; Weimin Fan Path, Lab Med; Monique L. Felder Controller's Office; Sandra L. Fowler, Peds; Michael Frye, Med; Donald L. Fylstra, OB/GYN;
Renee Gadsden, Human Resources Mgt; Gail Annette Gilde,n College of Nursing; Carrie K. Hackett, Surgery; Edward S. Hazard III, Div of Basic Sciences; John D. Hildebrandt, Div of Basic Sciences; Stanley Hoffman, Med; Harry s. Hutchins, College of Dental Med
; Walter J. Jones, College of Health Professions; Paula Marie Jones, SC AHEC; Janice Key, Peds; Therese K. Killeen Psych, Behavioral Sciences; Michelle Lawton, Transportation Srvs; David Allen Lee, Engineering, Facilities; Kathryn C. Martinelli Surgery; Paul J. McDermott, Med; Jacobo E. Mintzer, Neurosciences; Christie L. Moody, College of Dental Med; Olivia Moore, Engineering, Facilities; Glenda Oltmann, Med; Yuko Y. Palesch, Med; Sandra L. Parker, Printing Srvs; Elizabeth Emerson, Rackoff Peds; Steve B. Ratliff, Research, Sponsored Programs; John W. Richardson, Education, Student Life; Shannon Richards-Slaughter, Education, Student Life;
William L. Ries, College of Dental Med; Betty Cathy Roach, Parking Mgt; Kaye K. Roberts Office of Research Integrity
Steven A. Rosenzwei,g Div of Basic Sciences; Keith J. Ryan, Engineering, Facilities; Lisa K. Saladin, College of Health Professions; Howard Schomer, Education, Student Life; Harold D. Schutte Jr., Orthopaedic Surgery; Owen Stanley Shoemaker III, Psych, Behavioral Sciences; Mary Lou Shoemaker Psych, Behavioral Sciences; Jennifer J. Smith College of Nursing; Christine Strange, Otolaryngology–Head, Neck Surgery; June Taylor, College of Pharmacy; Hope Terry, Peds; Adrian B. Vanbakel, Med; Dora A. Weise College of Graduate Studies; Susan F. Wetherholt, Surgery; Anthony R. Whitmire, Controller's Office; Marion Edward Wilson Jr. Ophthalmology

10 years
Mary S. Adler, Med; Cynthia Lynne Allen, Family Med; John M. Arthur, Med; Regina R. Backman, Anesthesia, Perioperative Med; Catalin F. Baicu, Med; Luanna R. Bartholomew, Ophthalmology; Jacek Bielawski, Div of Basic Sciences; Holly Lynn Boggan, OB/GYN; Charles M. Bowman, Peds; Caroel U. Bradham, Ophthalmology;
Christine M. Carr, Med; Angelica Ellman Christie, SC AHEC; John T. Clark, SCTR Institute; Deborah A. Cooke, Engineering, Facilities; Christopher Davies, Div of Basic Sciences; Phillip A. Evans, Engineering, Facilities; Aleatha W. Fields, Med; Thomas W. Fleury, Med; Tara Michele Frazier Engineering, Facilities; Irene P. Fulton, College of Dental Med; Monica C. Gardner, Neurosciences; Andrew K. Gelasco, Office of Planning, Assessment; Marion Gillespie, Otolaryngology–Head, Neck Surgery; Charles S. Gilman, Med; Ann-Charlotte E. Granholm-Bentley, Neurosciences;
Hiroko Hama, Div of Basic Sciences; Christine D. Hamolia Psych, Behavioral Sciences; Christopher Hannegan, Radiology; Bonnie Harris, Otolaryngology–Head, Neck Surgery; Suellen Haqwkins, Med; Gary F. Headden, Med;
Andre Hebra, Surgery; James O. Horne, Engineering, Facilities; Mark J. Hoy, Otolaryngology–Head, Neck Surgery;
Christine H. Huggins, Education, Student Life; John S. Ikonomidis, Surgery; Joshua C. Ivey, Library; Lankupalle D. Jayanthi, Neurosciences; Joseph Jenkins Jr., Education, Student Life; Christina Johnson, Div of Basic Sciences; Susan Kachur, Internal Audit; Gloria S. Kinard, College of Dental Med; Masahiro Kono, Ophthalmology; Jacqueline M. Kraveka, Peds; Markus J. Kruesi, Psych, Behavioral Sciences;
Cheryl P. Kubalak, Neurosciences; Mary L. Lavelle, College of Nursing; Elizabeth J. Letourneau, Psych, Behavioral Sciences; Walter E. Limehouse Jr., Med;
Angello Lin, Surgery; Stephen W. Malley, College of Dental Med; Debbie G. McCravy, Development; William B. McGary, Med; Michael S. McIntyre, Library; Hugh T. McPartlin Jr,. Engineering, Facilities; Aimee Louise McRae-Clark, Psych, Behavioral Sciences; Alfred B. Moore, Neurosciences; Robin Muise-Helmericks, Regenerative Med, Cell Biology;
Debra A. Nelson, Radiology; Robert F. Neuner, College of Dental Med; Stephanie D. Oberempt, Development; Patrick O'Neill, Surgery; Robert H. Peiffer, Psych, Behavioral Sciences; Toya D. Pound, OB/GYN; William W. Pregnall, Compliance;Carl E. Queener, Med; Kelly R. Ragucci, College of Pharmacy; Sammanda Ramamoorthy, Neurosciences; Margaret M. Ramsden, Surgery; Shaquana Y. Randall, Med; James G. Ravenel, Radiology; Titus Reaves, Regenerative Med, Cell Biology; Teresa Hayes Rogers, Purchasing; Baerbel Rohrer, Ophthalmology; Laurrie Dowd Rumpp, Surgery; Steven H. Saef, Med; Devadoss J. Samuvel, Path, Lab Med; Rick G. Schnellmann, College of Pharmacy; Michael Seabrook, Public Safety; Roxanna Seltzer, College of Dental Med; Mary Susan Shannon, Hollings Cancer Ctr; Anand K. Sharma, Radiation Onc; Elizabeth H. Slate, Med; Arthur R. Smith, Anesthesia, Perioperative Med; Chyrol G. Smith, Psych, Behavioral Sciences; Jennifer A. Smit,h Hollings Cancer Ctr; William H. Spencer III, Med; Ravi S. Srinivas, Controller's Office; Rachel L. Sturdivant, Med; Angela Larosa Teufel, Peds; Virginia L. Thomas, College of Nursing; Shirley J. Toelle, Div of Basic Sciences; Robert P. Turner, Neurosciences; Yalani Vanzura, Med; Deanna D. Vroman, Med; Maybell Ward-Lomay, Engineering, Facilities; Romeka S. Washingto,n Radiology; Michael P. Wheeler, Compliance; Carol B. Woody, College of Med; Minfu Xu, Neurosciences; and James S. Zoller, College of Health Professions.





Friday, Sept. 23, 2011

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