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ExcellenceMedical Center Excellence

'Making a difference every day'

April Employees of the Month

Rebecca Britton, RT Outpatient Pharmacy
                                          Britton"I contacted Becca about a medication that a family needed for their child. The medication cost more than $700 at a local pharmacy. She researched the medication and was able to get the cost reduced to less than $100 a month. The family not only has a child with special medical needs, but the mother is out of work. Becca taking the time to go the extra mile will impact this family. Becca is an example of MUSC Excellence!"
Nominated by Susan Fawcett

Kimberly Mitchell, Medicine Scheduling
                                          Mitchell"A university internal medicine nurse informed me that one of my team members saved a patient's life. Kim Mitchell recognized the patient needed to speak immediately to a nurse as she had taken her insulin incorrectly, mixing up her sliding scale and regular dose. The nurse informed me that the patient would have probably died in about 30 minutes had she not received medical intervention. Despite the fact that Kim is not clinically trained, she realized the potential danger the medication mistake could have on the patient and put her in direct contact with a nurse who arranged for EMS to transport the patient to the emergency department. The nurses told us that the patient is doing well."
Nominated by Jac Tepper

Kelly Howard, Ashley River Tower Adult Heart Cath
Kelly Howard"Kelly Howard, an X-ray technician and Heart & Vascular Center (HVC) value analysis coordinator, was taking the CARTA bus home when a passenger (who was also an MUSC employee) collapsed. The bus was crowded and Kelly jumped out of her seat and assessed the man. She found him to be pulseless and started CPR. She asked if the bus had an AED [automated external defibillator] and learned it did not, however, two bus riders knew where to find one in a building nearby and retrieved the AED. She connected it to the patient, and it delivered a shock to him. At this point, EMS arrived and shortly there after transported the man to MUSC for further treatment. Reportedly this patient is recovering well thanks to the quick interventions of Kelly Howard and the MUSC team caring for him. Kelly Howard is one of my most valuable employees. She puts 110 percent into everything she does. Prior to conceiving our 5/10 plans, her work contributed to saving MUSC millions within the HVC through vendor control, great negotiations and collaboration with other departments responsible for purchasing and billing. She has outdone herself again."
Nominated by Natalie Ankney

Contrenia Haynes, Volunteer & Guest Services
Contrenia Haynes"On April 13, I received a trauma victim in the Intensive Care Unit. A couple of hours later her family members arrived. As they arrived I realized that a little boy was wearing only socks, his T-shirt cut down the center, both pant legs cut up the center, and his aunt was draped in a blanket with paper pants and knees wrapped. I called Kiesha the social worker, and she was able to give me a pair of shorts and a T-shirt for the little boy, but we didn't really have anything for the young lady. After sitting at my desk, I thought I would call downstairs to the Volunteer Office. I spoke with Contrenia to see if any unwanted clothing was lying around. After telling her of a car accident of eight family members traveling from Florida to Maryland, she immediately came upstairs, greeted the family and offered her assistance. Not knowing what was going on in Contrenia's mind, she went to the store and bought a dress for the aunt and a warm-up suit for the little boy during her lunch hour and brought it back to the waiting area. I thought, 'Wow, what an awesome gesture, and what a caring and loving person she is to go out with her money to purchase clothing for a couple of the family members who didn't have anything to wear.' Not only did she spend her money on clothes for them, she bought lunch for everyone. That is what I call going above and beyond the call of duty. Thank you for being you, and my prayer is that God returns blessings to you in 100 folds."
Nominated by Vanessa Stewart


Friday, May 25, 2012

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