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Employees, staff get answers through Rumor Mill

Associate degree nurses
I've heard that MUSC will change to all nurses needing their bachelor's degree by 2015 and that associate degree nurses at that time will be fired. What is the plan for nurses with associate degrees?
MUSC recognizes all nurses, and values the role nursing has in providing quality health care and quality outcomes. As an academic medical center striving to become Magnet designated, the intent is to support nurses in pursuing a higher level of formal education. One organizational structural empowerment in place to support this effort is tuition reimbursement. Currently the plan for all nurses is to continue to promote the benefits of professional growth and development through supporting higher education, not terminating associate degree nurses.

Is there a designated person that is supposed to empty the recycling bins in the nursing breakrooms? The one on 5E (postpartum) is overflowing.
For locations in Storm Eye Institute and Hollings Cancer Center buildings, call 792-4119 to schedule a pick-up. For locations in university hospital, Children's Hospital, Ashley River Tower and Rutledge Tower, call 792-5600. For other questions about the MUSC Recycling Program, contact the MUSC Office of Sustainability and Recycling at 792-4066.

Rutledge Tower Cafeteria
Is there any way possible to have some better food at RT?
If funds are available, the Rutledge Tower Café is scheduled to be moved and renovated in the fall or early winter.

The Pulse
Will anyone be assuming the role for the "Pulse" newsletter editor for the Heart and Vascular Center? That was a great resource and fun to read.
The "Pulse" was a newsletter originally published by the Heart and Vascular Center (Cath, EP and Prep and Recovery areas) of the Heart and Vascular Service Line but was specific to those areas. It was replaced by the Service Line newsletter and will contain items of interest from that area as well as all of Heart and Vascular services in future publications.

Jonathan Lucas parking garage
I would like to know why a parking attendant asked me the name of the patient I was visiting, while coming to visit a family member. Isn't this a HIPAA violation? I felt very uncomfortable revealing this information to a woman sitting in a parking garage.
Allowing Parking Management cashiers to request patient names is not a HIPAA violation; it is a legitimate part of the operations of the facility. Family members of hospital inpatients who park in our lots overnight are entitled to a reduced parking rate. Obtaining the name of the patient the family member is visiting allows the cashiers to confirm that they are eligible for this rate.

Flower beds
I heard that the new beds next to the eaves of the Bioengineering Building aren't cared for by MUSC folks. That they were contracted out.
The beds are managed by the university landscaping division.

I want to say thanks to the grounds crew for all the beautiful flower beds around campus. It really lifts my spirit to see and smell all the flowers as I'm walking around campus.
Thanks for your comments. You may wish to direct your comments to John Malmrose, director of Engineering and Facilities.

Day care for employees' children
Are there any discussions or plans to offer day care services for employees' children again?
The provost has authorized a workgroup chaired by Megan Moran-Santa Maria, Ph.D., to conduct a child care needs assessment using a child care industry consultant. The results of the assessment, which should be completed later this year, will be used to determine the required resources and cost benefit of an employer provided day care at MUSC. Should the assessment reveal that both need and support exist to make a day care center viable on campus, then that information will be provided to the appropriate officials to incorporate into the MUSC master plan.

I thought MUSC was a smoke-free campus? I see many visitors and employees smoking right across the street in front of the MUSC College of Nursing.
All the property owned or leased by MUSC and its affiliates are now tobacco-free. The sidewalks and roadways that surround MUSC are city property and are excluded from the initiative by definition.

Bikes on sidewalks
Why are bikes allowed to ride down sidewalks surrounding the hospital? It seems a little dangerous to have bikes sharing the sidewalk with the pedestrians.
Charleston City Code 19-125 – Riding on Sidewalks, states that riding bicycles on sidewalks is prohibited in the City of Charleston except: where the adjacent highway has a posted speed limit of 35 miles per hour or more (Ashley Avenue), persons may ride a bicycle on the adjacent sidewalk unless there is a dedicated bicycle lane on the highway. Any person permitted to ride a bicycle on a sidewalk shall operate the bicycle with due care and yield the right-of-way to pedestrians using the sidewalks. A police officer (Public Safety officer) may operate a bicycle on the sidewalk while performing law enforcement duties.

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Friday, June 15, 2012

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