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GME residents, departments receive awards

Anesthesia and Perioperative Medicine
John E. Mahaffey Resident of the Year Award—Timothy Heinke, M.D.; JG Reves Resident Research Award—Ryan Nobles, M.D.; Laurie Brown Teacher of the Year Award—Tara Queener, M.D.

Department of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine residents celebrate completing four years of residency on June 22. Graduates are Drs. Becky Payne, Heather Scott, Lacey Godeaux, Tara Queener, Ryan Nobles, Ebony Hilton, Tim Heinke, Matt Buck. Hilton (critical care) and Heinke (cardiothoracic) will stay on to complete a yearlong fellowship in their sub-specialties.

General Cardiology
Fellow of the Year—Robert Leonardi; Teaching Award (Cardiology faculty)—Daley Gregg, M.D.; Electrophysiology Fellow of the Year—Erick Funke, M.D.; Electrophysiology First–Year Fellow Award—Robert Yoe IV

Cardiothoracic Surgery
Samuel P. Jacks, M.D., and Susan M. Hecker, M.D.

Emergency Medicine
Golden Apple—Neil Glover, M.D.; Golden Orange—Bruce Crookes, M.D.; Little People—Olivia Titus, M.D.; Intern of the Year—Meghan Cummins, M.D.; Platinum Podium—Pauline Meekins, M.D.; Mid-Level Provider MVP—Doug Schutz, PA-C; Ultimate Fighter—Amy Ramsay, M.D.; Pleasant Surprise Award—Simon Watson, M.D.

Internal Medicine
Intern of the Year—Jenny Riley, M.D.; Resident of the Year—Kathryn Willoughby, M.D.; Fellow of the Year—Carlos Kummerfeldt, M.D.; Division of the Year—General Internal Medicine; Outpatient Resident of the Year—Chelsey Petz, M.D.; Inpatient Resident of the Year—Stefanie Erway, M.D.

MUSC Department of Internal Medicine held its awards day event on May 30. Physicians recognized are back row, from left: Drs. Rogers Kyle, J. Brzezinski, Don Fox and Jenny Riley; front row, from left: Drs. Kathryn Willoughby, Chelsey Petz, Stefanie Erway, Carlos Kummerfeldt and Kim Davis.

Chief Award to Administrative Chief—Jennifer Loehle, M.D.; Coastal Fertility Award—Caroline Billingsley, M.D.;
Minimially Invasive Surgery Award—Brad Campbell, M.D.; Sosnowski Award, OB Award—Brad Campbell, M.D.;
H.O. Williamson Award, Best all Around—Caroline Billingsley, M.D.;
Hester Research, Education Award—Erin Swanson, M.D.; Sims Surgical Award—Brad Campbell, M.D.; Hal Rubel Award, Best Faculty Teacher in Spartanburg—James Hunter, M.D.; CREOG Award, Resident Education—Elizabeth Ramsey Unal, M.D.; APGO Award, Student Education—Steven Swift, M.D.; Community Physician Award—Drs. Ward Katsanisand Scott Jennings; Maternal Fetal Medicine Fellow Certificate—Elizabeth Ramsey Unal, M.D. Graduates: Jennifer Loehle, Caroline Billingsley, Brad Campbell, Erin Swanson, Leah Lamale; Maternal Fetal Medicine graduate—Elizabeth Ramsey Unal, M.D.

Pierre Gautier Jenkins Award—Charlene Grice, M.D.; Ophthalmic Technician of the Year—Lauryn Earls; Program Director's Award—Charles Proctor, M.D.; Helma Award—Elizabeth Richter, M.D.; William W. Vallotton Award—Edward Crosswell, M.D.

Orthopaedic Surgery
Highest Orthopaedic In Training Exam Score—Harris Slone, M.D., and Zeke Walton, M.D.; Outstanding Research Paper—Gregory Colbath, M.D.; AOA-OREF Resident Leadership Nominee—Kyle Kokko, M.D., Ph.D; AOA-OREF Resident Leadership Nominee—Harris Slone, M.D., and Zeke Walton, M.D.; John A. Siegling Teaching Award—Lee R. Leddy, M.D.; Alumnus of the Year—Harry Demos, M.D.

Around-the-Clock Aristotle (Best Inpatient Educator)—Fred Tecklenburg, M.D.; Nine-to-Five Socrates (Best Outpatient Educator)—Terry Dixon, M.D.; Bob Villa (Best Procedure Teacher)—Fred Tecklenburg, M.D.; Sunrise Swami (Best Morning Report Educator)—Sandra Fowler, M.D.; PM Pedagogue (Best Noon Conference Educator)—David Sas, M.D.; Atlas Award (Most Supportive Faculty Member)—David Mills , M.D.; Rookie of the Year (Best New Faculty Member)—Ana Xavier, M.D.; Fellow of the Year—Anca Dumitriu, M.D.; Senior Resident of the Year—Conrad Williams, M.D.; Intern of the Year—Colby Day, M.D.; Most Supportive Staff Member—Anita Shuler; Outstanding Elective Rotation (Infectious Disease), Sandra Fowler; Outstanding Required Rotation (Neonatology)—John Cahill, M.D.; Pediatric Attending of the Year—David Mills, M.D.

Pediatric Cardiology
Foundation Abstract Presenter Travel Grant Recipients—Yar Chowdhury, M.D., and Suma Potiny, M.D.; Foundation Career Development Award Recipient—Yar Chowdhury, M.D.

Pulmonary/Critical Care
Resident of the Year—Carlos Kummerfeldt, M.D.

Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences

  • Psychiatry Medical Student Teaching Golden Apple Award Awards: Outstanding Medical Student Teaching By a Faculty Member—Rabiya Hasan, M.D., and Tara Wright, M.D.; Outstanding Medical Student Teaching by a Voluntary Faculty Member—Scott Christie, M.D., Ray Hodges, M.D., and staff of the Berkeley Community Mental Health Center; Outstanding Medical Student Teaching by a Resident—Amy Garner, M.D., George Hneich, M.D., and Maggie Wilkes, M.D.; Outstanding Medical Student Didactic Teaching—Lee Lewis, M.D.; Outstanding Teaching Fundamentals of Patient Care by a Faculty Teacher—Dan Smith, Ph.D.; Outstanding Teaching Fundamentals of Patient Care by a Trainee Teacher—Julia Felton, Ph.D.; Outstanding Teaching Fundamentals of Patient Care by a Trainee Teacher—Ray Worthy, M.D., Ph.D.; q Psychology Internship Program Awards: Clinical Excellence Award—Zachary W. Adams; Scientist-Practitioner Excellence Award—Bethany C. Wangelin; Robert Magwood Jr. Outstanding Service Award for Crime Victims—Melissa E. Milanak; Laura Griffin Humanitarian Award—Jennifer C. Naylor, Ph.D.; Best Intern Advocate—Dan Smith, Ph.D.; Best Didactic Presenter—Elizabeth Santa Ana, Ph.D.; Best Clinical Supervisor—Wendy Balliet, Ph.D.
  • Psychology Intern Paper Competition: First Place—Zachary Adams; Second Place—Bethany Wangelin; Third Place—Joshua Clapp
  • Psychiatry Residency Training Programs Awards: J. J. Cleckley M.D. Clinical Excellence Award—John Hopkins, M.D., Callie Lalich, M.D., Temeia Martin, M.D.; Dr. Henry P. and M. Page Durkee Laughlin Foundation Fellow—Callie Lalich, M.D.; PGY I Outstanding Didactic Teacher of the Year—Lee Lewis, M.D.; PGY I Clinical Teacher of the Year—Christopher Pelic, M.D.; PGY 2 Clinical Teacher of the Year—Tara M. Wright, M.D.; PGY 2 Outstanding Didactic Teacher of the Year—Matthew S. Koval M.D.; PGY 3 Outpatient Supervisor of the Year—Libby Riddle; PGY 3 Outstanding Didactic Teacher of the Year—Amy VandenBerg; Outstanding Career Mentor for the Class of 2012—Libby Riddle; Child Fellow Awards: Outstanding Didactic Teaching in the Child and Adolescent Fellowship—Lisa Hand, M.D.; Outstanding Clinical Training in the Child and Adolescent Fellowship by an Attending—Sondra Keller, M.D.; Outstanding Clinical Training in the Child and Adolescent Fellowship by Faculty/Staff—Stan Shoemaker, Ph.D.
  • Psychology Program Graduates: Zachary W. Adams, Jenna L. Baddeley, J. Brandon Birath, Jessica Lynn Burris, Joshua D. Clapp, Emily Priscilla Garai, Corrie L. Jackson, Andrea M. Jones, Jennifer E. Merrill, Melissa E. Milanak, Jennifer C. Naylor, Ph.D.; James Albert Pollock IV, Kelly R. Theim, Bethany C. Wangelin, Elizabeth Meghan Archer Wheeler; Completing Traumatic Stress Research Postdoctoral Fellowship—Julia Felton, Ph.D., Lisa Paul, Ph.D., Tatiana Davidson, Ph.D., Simone Barr, Ph.D., Kate Walsh, Ph.D.; Completing Fellowship in Trauma and Health Disparities—Cristina Lopez, Ph.D.; Completing Behavioral Medicine Postdoctoral Fellowships—Shenelle Edwards Hampton, Ph.D.; Completing Fellowship in Clinical Psychology—Shantee M. Foster, Ph.D; Psychiatry Residency Program Graduates—John Hopkins, M.D., Cat Kouvolo, M.D., Callie Lalich, M.D., Todd Magro, M.D., Temeia Martin, M.D., Aiko McGlynn, DO, Rocco Molinaro, M.D., Wes Seabolt, M.D., Jon Snipes, M.D., Zachary Stroud, M.D., and Ray Worthy, M.D., Ph.D.; Completing Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship: Mari Asper, M.D., Bryant Byrne, M.D., and Ryan Byrne, M.D.; Completing Addiction Psychiatry Fellowship: Julie Burke, M.D.

Radiation Oncology
Roentgen Resident/Fellow Research Award for MUSC Radiation Oncology—S. Lewis Cooper, M.D.

Chief resident Dr. Lewis Cooper, left, accepts the 2012 Roentgen Resident/Fellow Research Award for the Department of Radiation Oncology from Dr. David Marshall.

Resident Research Recognition Day—First Prize: Aaron Lesher M.D. Also recognized: Shaina Eckhouse, M.D., and Brent Jewett, M.D.; Paul H. O'Brien, M.D.; Resident Teaching Award—T. Karl Byrne, M.D.; Dabney R. Yarbrough III, M.D.; Research Award—Jennifer Dixon, M.D.; Max S. Rittenbury M.D. Intern of the Year Award—Justin Ellett, M.D., and Adam Franklin, M.D.; Student Award for Excellence in Resident Teaching—Brent Jewett, M.D.; Surgical Training Awareness & Residency Medical Student Faculty Teaching Award—Stephanie Montgomery, M.D.; 2011 David J. Cole, M.D. Professionalism Award—Craig Selander, M.D.; 2012 David J. Cole, M.D. Professionalism Award—Tom Theruvath, M.D.



Friday, June 29, 2012

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