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Medical Center Service Awards

Medical Center Annual Service
Award Ceremony and Reception
Wednesday, Sept. 12

View a video of service award recipients at

40 Years
Annette Holmes, Respiratory Therapy; Glennie Davis, Patient Transport Srvs

30 Years
Leona Brown Anderson, Med Records Coding, Incom; Brenda Lee Champaigne Brown, HVC Prep, Recovery Valreatha H. Brown, Adult Emergency ; Jan Elizabeth Burton, Dietetic Srvs; Randall Carr, Special Chemistry, Immunology; Donna B. Chapman, Womens Health; Abigail A. Clark, 4E; Lorraine J. Daspit, Ped Respiratory Therapy; Kathy C. Daw, Ped Procedure Area; Eileen Heyward, Dietetic Srvs; Patricia M. Houser, Cytopathology; Shelia Ann Jefferson, 8D Ped Cardiac Unit; Stacia Louise Lancaster, Business, Admin Ops; Andrew Lisicki, Biomedical Engineering; Minnie L. Mauldin, Dietetic Srvs; Henrietta M. Sams, Antepartum GYN Srvs; Beverly Shine, 3W; Ann H. Shuler, Med Records Coding, Incom; Yvonne Bonaparte Simmons, Lab Outreach, Courier Srvs; Christopher Tolbert, Main OR; Eustolia Ravago Tria, Ambulatory OR; Delphine L. Walker, Antepartum GYN Srvs; Mary W. Washington, Card, Vasc, Surgery; Nancy H. Wessell, Diagnostic Microbiology; Audrey Lee Wilder, Ambulatory Holding; Laurie M. Williams, Fast Flow, Satellite Labs; Mary Elaine Williams, OCIO;

20 Years
Stella Marie Altman, Fast Flow, Satellite Labs; Karen Ann Ancrum, Youth Psych-Inpatient; Pamela C. Arnold, Diabetes Care Mgt; Jacklyn Atkinson, Med-Surgical Clinical Pool; David P. Bailey, OCIO; Lucinda Stiving, Banks OCIO; Lynne M. Barber, Bus Dev, Mkt Srvs; Helena G. Bastian, Integrated Srvs; Mary M. Bates, NICU; Ann Benton, Occupational Therapy; Renea Brown Bligen, Social Work; John R. Boolen, Adult Emergency; Regina M. Bradley, Central Verification; Elnora H. Brown, Environmental Srvs; Renee L. Brown, Dietetic Srvs; Judith Ann Bucknam, Medical Srvs; Johnnetta L. Buncum, 8W Med Surg; Tracy R. Burgess, Star Ladson; Peggy Melissa Burton, Meducare Comm Ctr; Earlease Evett Capers, 9W Neurology Neurosurgery; Louis Castagnaro, Med Records Coding, Incom; Michele L. Chamberlain, Holding; Francis Xavier Clasby, James Island PT/OT; Patricia Carol Coker, Occupational Therapy; Kimberly Dell Dalton, Peds; Leigh F. Dangerfield, 4E; Mark S. Daniels, OCIO; Cindy Janis David, Peds Same Day Cath Rm; Janet Staples Davidson, Ambulatory OR; Leslie Delgado, Safety, Security; Cassandra A. Dickerson, Womens Health; Anne M. Elum, Adult Emergency; Jill J. Evans, Peds Clinical Resources Educ; Kathie D. Faulkner, Nursing Develop; Melanie Brown Feaster, Ambulatory Holding; Jeffery Allan Felesky, OCIO; Maria Crisanta Fennell, Warehouse, Surplus Ops; Amy Louise Ferguson, Physical Therapy; Mary Hughes Fischer, Operational Analytics; Anthony A. Fischinger, Transfusion Med; Annette V. Fludd, Transitional Care; Myra Gadsden, Main OR; Donna E. Gallahorn, Childrens Day Srvs; Karen Brinker Geils, Lab Srvs Education; Gilbert Neal Gilmore, Plant Maintenance; Polly Ann Bramblett Guffin, Transitional Care; Teresa Ann Harrison, Radiology Mammography; Debra J. Hillman, Holding; Cynthia D. Holmes, Environmental Srvs; Joyce L. Justice, Surgery Trauma ICU; Elaine D. Katko, Clinical Effectiveness; Alexander Lee King, OCIO; Debra A. Lambert, Neonatal Nurse Practitioners; Paulett A. Laroche, 6E Renal Transplant Nephrology; Angela Poston Locke, OCIO; Jennifer Ruthie Logan, Neonatal ICU; Betty F. Lopez, Main OR; Kathy Lynette Martin, PAT; Collette L. Mayes, Hollings Scheduling; Joyce A. Middleton, Labor, Delivery; Diane Miller, PAT; Rhonda Cherie Moore, Bed Mgt; Sonja B. Muckenfuss, Childrens Srvs; Lori Carroll Nicholson, Phys-OT; Roberto S. Red, Purchasing; Sonja P. Rhodes, Peds Cardiology; Lorena E. Robinson, Vascular Lab; Denise Katherine Robinson-Mcgee, MRI; Margaret Roper-Jenkins, Central Supply; Mary Elizabeth Santanna, Clinical Resource; Diana Lee Sciarro, Hospital Admin; Diane J. Scully, HVC Prep, Recovery; Harriett E. Seabrook Phys-OT; Michelle Benton Shank, OR; James Morris Sheppard, Radiology; Pamela S. Smith, Adult Emergency; Nadine Canteen Stanley, Senior Care; Rebecca Garl Staples, Labor, Delivery; Charles E. Stevens, Peds Respiratory Therapy; Paula L. Sutton, Ambulatory EMR Project; Adell Swinton, East Cooper Draw Site; Kathi Teske-Hanuscin, Labor, Delivery; David P. Tobin, Anesthesia; Michelle Audry Vandermaas, Child Life Peds; Cheri L. Walker, MRI; Christine E. Walker, Total Joint Replacement Ctr; Marie Louise Ward, Derm, ENT, Urology; Perneather Washington-Watson, Patient Acctg; Gail T. Weatherbee, Neonatal ICU; Shannon Weaver, PT; Ruthel Williams, Marketing Srvs Referral Call Ctr; Jon M. Williford, Biomedical Engineering

10 Years
Deborah B. Adams, Neurology; Christie Springmeyer Altman, NNICU; Michael L. Andaya, Adult Emergency;
Viola Wannette Anderson, Adult Psych; Florence Barog Artagame, Adult Emergency; David Simon Ball, OCIO;
Andrea S. Barrett, Hospital Admin; Linda A. Beaufort, East Cooper Draw Site; Shanda Brown Bowman, Rad/Onc Gamma Knife; Timothy A. Brendle, OR; Deborah Harbin Browning, Childrens Srvs; Faith P. Brownlee, Hospital Finance; Michelle Mathis Burckhalter, OR Lab; Rainey Lee Causey, Medical Records File Retrieval; Carol Lee Chaconas, Utilization Mgt; Gloria Lorraine Chatman, Storm Eye Institute; Karen S. Chessa, Peds Echocardiography;
Chandra Y. Chisolm, 6E Renal Transplant Nephrology; Patricia B. Christie, PACU; Silvie Amalie Pacchione Counts, Impact Leeds; James W. Cummins, Biomedical Engineering; Morgan Maddox Dancy, Senior Care; Timothy M. Daniell, Meducare Flight Activities Fund; David W. Davison, OCIO; Melinda Charlese Benbow Deas, Central Verification; Kristen L. Decou, OR; Susan P. Dew, Meducare Emergency CHS; Vicki L. Dipaolo, 8E Medical Acute Care;
Theodore Elias Driggers, CEP, Infrastructure; Joseph B. Dukes, Peds After Hours Clinic; Sheri Eakin Fannin, Peds ICU; Charlene Fessler, Radiology-Ultrasound; Robert C. Finch, Diagnostic; Karen M. Ford, Hospital Patient Acctg; Arlene D. Frances, Hollings Scheduling; Cecilia Annette Franko, Anesthesia Amb OR; Joyce C. Frederick, MICU;
John Henry Furtek, Interventional Radiology; Colleen Leigh Garrison, 7E Peds Surgery; Linda S. Garvin, Adult Inpatient Pharmacy Srvs; Jennifer Foster German, Histopathology, Special Stains; Christopher J. Gibbs, Adult Inpatient Pharmacy Srvs; Loberta E. Gibbs, DDC Clinical; Aretha Gibbs-Washington, Radiology Diagnostic; Tammy Barnes Gottshalk, Device Monitoring Program; Sheryl E. Green, CT ICU; Holly R. Griffin, Pharmacy Srvs Dual Emp Acct;
Queen E. Haynes,
Family Med; Jodee F. Herbert, Pneumogram Monitor; Jerry A. Houston, Automation Technology;
Deidra D. Huckabee,
MICU; Georgia Tisdale Huger, Family Med; Kelvin Jackson, CEP/Infrastructure; Nancy Pritchard Jackson, Physical Therapy; Virginia Ashley Jacobs, STICU; Tonya Y. Johnson, Telemetry; Mary F. Jones, Utilization Mgt; Teavia L. Jones-Carter, Adult Emergency; Susan C. Keller, Hollings Clinics; Ann M. Kelley-Zabawa, OR Lab;
Mary Angela Kemp,
PICU; Sandra King-Dover, Financial Counselors; Lisa Marie Kippes, Meducare Flight Activities Fund; Sharon Taylor Knowles, Transplant; Catherine Blackshear Kohler, Senior Care Unit; Joanne Koppenaal, MAIN OR; Matina Kordonis, MICU; Kathleen E. Law, Cardiopulmonary Transplantation; Annette Lemon, Central Supply;
Robyn Lopez-White,
Facilities Mgt Admin; Kathleen Lubert, Hollings Cancer Ctr; Rhonda E. Lucas, Peds Primary Care; Joyce Marie Lutz, Peds Radiology; Mary T. Macbain, Storm Eye Institute; Claudia Jo Mack, Peds Emergency Srvs; Michael J. Manneraak, Phys, Occup Therapy; David Gregory Marek, CEP, Infrastructure; Reid Arthur Marmillion, Respiratory Therapy Sarah Amy Fox Maurer, James Island PT/OT; Brenda J McElveen, Safety, Security;
Elizabeth Flynn McLaughlin,
Molecular Pathology; Christy S. McWilliams, Youth Psych-Inpatient; Sarah Mcneill Meany, NNICU; Paige Pooser Merrill, Occupational Therapy 3W; Carla L. Mitchel, Bed Mgt; Latasha R. Mitchell, Outpatient Billing Office; Christina L. Moore, DDC; Theresa L. Morgan, Anesthesia Main OR; Lois Nevitte Swink Morris, Speech Pathology; Debra D. Myers, Medical Records File Retrieval; Marguerite Irene Neal, Fast Flow, Satellite Labs;
Marlene Ann O'Leary,
PACU; Ramona F. Oliver, Meduflex Team; William Sherman Olsen, STAR Leeds; Janet L. Pennington, Diagnostic Microbiology; Jerome C. Perilla, 8E Medical Acute Care; Marilen Baluyot Perilla, 9W Neurology Neurosurgery; Rhonda A. Peterson, General Adult Inpatient; Margaret A. Petko, ART PAT; Alva L. Pike, Adult Inpatient Pharmacy Srvs; Ruther B. Pinckney, Derm Maxillofacial Registration; Ignacio D. Pineda, Dialysis; Peter C. Plott, OCIO; Zina Carolotta Pompey, Clinical Documentation; Patricia Phayer Prause, PICU; Lisa Diane Raines, Hollings Ambulatory Admin; Denise L. Ravenel, ART 4E; Cheryl R. Raymond, Diagnostic; Jennifer J. Redfern, Child Life Peds; Dayna E. Reed, 5E Cardiac Acute Care; Carem Rice, Revenue Cycle Admin; Glenn E. Richmond, Clinical Effectiveness; Ella Robinson, Hollings Registration; Tracy S. Robinson, Interventional Radiology; George M. Rossi, Pastoral Care, Education; Ellen E. Ruja, Clinical Effectiveness; Ellen O. Saqui, Ambulatory OR; Stephanie Kay Sargent Process Improvement; Pamela Eason Scarborough, Total Joint Replacement Ctr; Ursel A. Scott, Childrens Specialty; Kristin Jamylani Kiyomi Shumard, Patient Admissions; Geraldine Smalls, Patient Admissions; Maurice Smalls, Environmental Srvs; Lori E. Smilak, Utilization Mgt; Margaret T. Smith, Pharmacy Srvs Dual Emp Acct; Sanford H. Solomon, Inpatient Pharmacy; Ronald E. Straub, Hospital Payroll; Lydia P. Suarez, Hospital Srvs Coordinators; Jane Hanahan Swing, Anesthesia OR; Sally J. Taylor, Histopathology, Special Stains; Ryann Jean Tempel, OR; Lacy E. Terwilliger, Radiation Oncology; Wilhelmina B. Thompson, ART Holding; Jo Ellen Todd, Radiation Oncology; Michael S. Townsend, OCIO; Amy M. Vandenberg, Institute Of Psychiatry Pharmacy; Chenea Roshan Vandross, DDC Clinical; Theresa M. Vecchiolla, Adult Inpatient Pharmacy Srvs; Cheri M. Wade, Main OR; Patricia Ann Wagner, Chest Pain Ctr; Lynn H. Walker, Transfusion Med; Woodrow Walker, Interventional Radiology; Stephanie D. Washington, Adult Inpatient Pharmacy; Tonya Y. Washington, Adult Inpatient Pharmacy; Victoria Szucs Whalen, Occupational Therapy 3W Hosp; Lisa Anne Wiese, Pharmacy Services Dual Emp Acct; Donna Janice Williams, Hospital Patient Acct; Noreen P. Williams, Transplant Admin; Sherlonda T. Williams, Peri Anesthesia; Laura C. Wilson, Communications; Stephen D. Worley, Adult PHP/IOP; Karen T. Yossef, Revenue Systems; Jennifer Grace Ziliotto, Endocrinology


Friday, Sept. 7, 2012

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