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University Service Awards

Medical University Annual Service Award Ceremony and Reception,
Thursday, Sept. 13

Medical Center Annual Service
Award Ceremony and Reception
Wednesday, Sept. 12

View a video of service award recipients at

40 Years
Faye Elizabeth Riddle, Psych, Behavioral Sciences

30 Years
Mary Brigid Allen, Engineering, Facilities; Calvert C. Alpert, Anesthesia, Perioperative Med; Teresa A. Atwood, Hollings Cancer Ctr; Marcella Chambers, Engineering, Facilities; Linda McCarson, Path, Lab Med; Myrtle Marie Nelson, Library; Deborah Sampson Middleton, Radiology; Elizabeth S. Pilcher, College of Dental Med; Barbara Williams Smalls, Engineering, Facilities; and Phillip W. Yates, Ophthalmology

20 Years
David Louis Bachman, Neurosciences; Theresa Barnes, Psych, Behavioral Sciences; Jan N. Basile, Med; Alan M. Berendt, Parking Mgt; Narayan R. Bhat, Neurosciences; Sonya Brockington, Controller's Office; Harry Campbell, Engineering, Facilities; Ethel Gladden Campbell-Simmons, Eng, Facilities; Patricia Carol Coker-Bolt, College of Health Professions; Jane M. Charles, Peds; Tina M. Cooper, Radiology; Michael G. Desrosiers, Education, Student Life; Deanna L. Fanning, Peds; Wayne Fitzgibbon, Med; Melanie A. Floyd, Peds; Sandra S. Garner, College of Pharmacy; Truman D. Greene Jr., Public Safety; Philip D. Hall, Public Safety; Mark Hamner, Psych, Behavioral Sciences; Myra K. Haney, College of Med; John O. Hardee Jr., University Risk Mgt; Scott W. Henggeler, Psych, Behavioral Sciences; James E. Hensley Jr., Integrated Planning, Space Mgt; Maria C. Kingston, Education, Student Life; Frances Lee, Clinical Effectiveness, Patient Safety Ctr; Robert Mallin, Family Med; Tommy Maw, Public Safety;
Janis M. Newton, Education, Student Life; Kimberly Astrid Orr, Otolaryngology; Sunil J. Patel, Neurosciences;
Susan Ann Privitera, College of Dental Med; Marianne Ripley Rogers, College of Pharmacy; Sherri P. Scott, College of Health Professions; Peggy H. Sires, College of Nursing; Shannon B. Smith, College of Nursing; Kolette K. Thomas, Cell, Molecular Pharmacology; Maybelline C. Via, Med; Marie Alston Watson, Education, Student Life; Scot P. Wetzig, Public Safety; Kathryn Mary Wiita-Fisk, College of Med; Tonia L. Windham, Public Safety; Sharon K. Zolner, Human Resources Admin

10 Years
Joseph W. Addison, College of Pharmacy; Kelly M. Argraves, Regenerative Med, Cell Biology; Melissa E. Atwater, Med; Jeremy L. Barth, Regenerative Med, Cell Biology; Deepak Bastia, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology; Tricia Anne D. Adrales Bentz, Hollings Cancer Ctr; Alison M. Bland, Med; Wallace T. Bonaparte, President's Office, EEO; Michael Bouissey, Parking Mgt; Ann-Marie Broome, Radiology; Carol Lee Brown, College of Pharmacy; Cheryl A. Brown, Surgery; Erica Lynn Blender Brown, Peds; Debra Ann Cannon, University Purchasing; Harold Capers, Engineering, Facilities; Vannette Beaufort Carr, Controller's Office; Donald O. Castell, Med; Hope E. Cattles, Ophthalmology; Salvatore Chiaramida, Med; Susan L. Comte-Walters, Cell, Molecular Pharmacology; Jeanette Craparotta, College of Dental Med; Charles A. Davis Jr., Public Safety; Harry A. Demos, Orthopaedic Surgery; Mollie Norton Diaz, Path, Lab Med; Minnie Dobbins, Psych, Behavioral Sciences; Rebecca Bon Eraybar, Peds; James A. Fant Jr., Ophthalmology;
Velarian Fernandes, Med; Laurin Dayton Gallagher, Engineering, Facilities; James Getsinger, Clinical Effectiveness, Patient Safety; James A. Glenn, Med; Michael R. Gold, Med; Tarshish Green, Med; Jennifer McCall Hutson, Grants, Contracts Accting; Stephanie Wilson Greer, Development; Nicole Huchet, Microbiology, Immunology; Jason N. Just, Engineering, Facilities; Thomas E. Keane, Urology; Mushfiquddin Khan, Peds; Michael E. Latrace, College of Dental Med; Jeri J. Lawing, Surgery; Amy E. Leaphart, Education, Student Life; Amanda G. Lewis, Peds; Don A. Luttrell, Engineering, Facilities; Tammie Matusik, Anesthesia, Perioperative Med; Allen G. McCreary, Engineering, Facilities; Kevin Hilton McMillian, Engineering, Facilities; George H. Melfi, Engineering, Facilities; Keith D. Merrill, Orthopaedic Surgery; Gloria Mitchell, University Transportation Srvs; Bidyut K. Mohanty, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology; William F. Morgenweck, Hollings Cancer Ctr; Russ K. Neuhaus, Public Safety; Adrian Parker, Radiology; Richard M. Peppler, Hollings Cancer Ctr; Pamela J. Pride, Med; Michele C. Ravenel, College of Dental Med; Vera D. Rhodan, Peds; Daisy B. Robinson, Controller's Office; Jennifer G. Schnellmann, Research Admin; John A. Schnorr, OB/GYN; Anthony Shackelford College of Health Professions; Ashli J. Sheidow, Psych, Behavioral Sciences; Sonya D. Shuler, Public Safety; Nebra T. Singleton, Engineering, Facilities; Tatiana Smirnova, Research, Sponsored Programs; Sandra C. Stringer, Radiology; Istvan Takacs, Neurosciences; Jennifer R. Taylor, University Risk Mgt; Geraland Thompson, Controller's Office; Maria Strass Toler, College of Nursing; Waleed Twal, Regenerative Med, Cell Biology; Clare Tyson SCTR Institute; Jana Upshaw, Peds; Keisha Brown Vaughn, College of Graduate Studies; Roxanna J. Vaughn, Lab Animal Resources; John A. Walker, Clinical Effectiveness, Patient Safety; Theresa Renee Thomas Wall, Hollings Cancer Ctr; John Walden III, University Risk Mgt; Barbara Wallace, VP for Finance, Admin; John L. Waller, Anesthesia, Perioperative Med; Patrick J. Wamsley, Chief Financial Officer (Finance); Brigette Yvette Taylor White, SCTR Institute; Marchel D. Williams, Education, Student Life; Eua M. Wise, Grants, Contracts Acctg; John J. Woodward, Neurosciences; Dannah W. Wray, Med; Thomas B. Yancey, VP for Academic Affairs, Provost


Friday, Sept. 7, 2012

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